Best Watering Practices

Use these tips to get the most out of watering your lawn:

  • Mulch your garden and landscape beds. This keeps the soil moist and reduces weeds. 
  • Water at the right time. Try to water in the morning or the evening and try not to water between 10am - 4pm when the sun is highest. 
  • Set your timers. The right watering schedule is key. 
  • Position sprinklers properly.
  • Use micro-irrigation hoses.
  • Make the most out of rainwater
  • Mow your grass to the right height. 

Best Irrigation Run Times

Depending on the month and the weather, it's best to run your irrigation system for different amounts of time. Below is a table outlining some best run times for your irrigation system. 

January - 12 minutes July - 49 minutes
February - 10 minutes August - 60 minutes
March - 17 minutes September - 48 minutes
April - 40 minutes October - 43 minutes
May - 64 minutes November - 32 minutes
June - 50 minutes December - 16 minutes

This information is provided by The University of Florida at http://livinggreen.ifas.ufl.edu/water/lawn_care_and_irrigation.html#section2.

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