Charity Spotlight

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One of our corporate objectives is to “Support Charitable Organizations”.  We take this objective seriously and have chosen a few key charities that we support in our community throughout the year.  The partners use a number of criteria to determine what charities we choose to support.  

Both the Ronald Mcdonald House and Shriners charities meet all of the criteria that we look for in a charity.  What’s more these particular charities have touched the hearts of  the four partners directly by providing support and services to some of our family members.  In every case these charities offer support to families in their greatest time of need.

We want to briefly describe what each of these charities do and outline how we support them.

We support the Ronald McDonald House Charity in both Pensacola, FL and Mobile, AL by providing and serving a meal to the residents of these homes once each month throughout the year. 


shriners logoWe have just joined a new entity known as Friends of  Shriners that directly supports the Mobile, ALabama ABBA Shrine Transportation Fund.  This group is made up of four local businesses whose goal is to support the Shriners and the good work that they do by hosting fundraising events with all proceeds going to this charity.   The businesses involved alongside EnSec are , The Moore law Firm, Mobile Chiropractic, and Greater Mobile Urgent Care.  

Our most recent Shriner event, Sips For Kids, raised $9,800 for the transportation fund. 

We ask that you support these wonderful charities as they help to support families in need throughout our community.  Please visit the links below to learn more about these worthy organizations and see what you can do to help.




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