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Crestview, FL Flea Control

Cat flea full of human bloodFleas seem to have been created just to suck blood, and no one is immune. These pests are active little creatures as they do not have wings to hold them down and are very small. Although they cannot fly, their long hind legs allow them to jump and easily elude those who wish to manually capture them. They have the capacity to jump as high as 7 inches, but they can also jump in a horizontal direction for as far as 13 inches.

The common response to fleas has been to squash them, but they have managed to adapt to these assaults. Applying direct intense pressure is insufficient to extinguish the life of a flea. They have also become well-adapted to living amongst your animals’ hair. This same adjustment allows them to become quite comfortable under human clothing.

Flea Prevention

Fleas can make their home on several types domesticated animals, including cats, dogs, chickens, rabbits and ferrets. If they bite you, someone in your family or your pets, you will know by the itching sensation that the bite causes. This itching can persist for several weeks, and if your pet scratches persistently, this can result in bald spots. Fleas can cause illnesses as well because they carry viruses and bacteria that can be transmitted to both humans and animals.

Fleas tend to take up residence on your pets, but they can also infest your carpets. You have many options when you suspect that your house has a flea infestation, including vacuuming, bathing your pets and using Borax. However, as was mentioned above, fleas are extremely elusive creatures. It’s not easy to completely rid your home of these pests. At Environmental Pest Control, we are fully equipped with the best technology and science to eliminate the fleas that are infesting your home. Contact us to receive a free quote for our expert services.


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