Milton, FL Pest Control Services

Bed Bug 3Every homeowner in Florida will become acquainted with cockroaches, termites and other pests sooner rather than later. Like residents of Milton and Florida's western panhandle, our experts are familiar with all of the regional pests. We use innovative products and integrated pest management strategies to control infestations and prevent pests from returning.

Termite Control

Florida's panhandle is a hot spot for eastern subterranean termites, invasive Formosan termites and drywood termites. Because these wood-destroying pests are very common, homeowners are urged to schedule regular inspections. Termites typically enter buildings near the ground, but they can also enter homes through unprotected vents. Be on the lookout for damaged wood, mud tubes that travel across exterior surfaces and winged termites that swarm in early spring. Termites can appear in different forms. Swarmers resemble flying ants. Workers are whitish or brownish and measure about one-eighth of an inch long. You may also see soldiers that have larger bodies and robust pincers.

Bed Bug Treatments

Over the past 20 years, bed bugs have reclaimed their spot as one of the most feared and despised pests. Usually, infestations are detected when occupants discover bites on their arms, legs, neck or torso. Infected bedding or furniture may contain tiny white eggs, pale nymphs and adult bed bugs. Adults are brown and measure about one-quarter of an inch long. Their bodies can be as thin as a coin but swell after feeding. Affected areas are often littered with flecks of blood and cast skins. To address infestations, our bug-sniffing dog Bo will confirm the presence of bed bugs. Then, we will perform chemical-free heat treatments that kill bed bugs in all life cycles.

Roach Control

Seven major cockroach species thrive in Milton's warm, humid climate. German, Asian and brown-banded roaches are common household pests. Homes may also be invaded by several outdoor species that are commonly called palmetto bugs. To survive, cockroaches need food, water and harborage sites, but they aren't very picky. All species multiply rapidly. Their bean-shaped egg cases contain up to 40 eggs. Plus, their excrement is laden with a pheromone that attracts other roaches. This chemical triggers allergies and asthma in many people. To manage infestations, we seal entry points, remove cockroach debris, eliminate harborage sites and apply products that target adults, eggs and nymphs.

If you're experiencing any type of pest problem, Ensec Pest & Lawn can develop a customized treatment plan. We offer one-time service, quarterly programs and on-going treatments. All of our pest control services are covered by a comprehensive guarantee. Call us today to discuss your concerns.

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