Mole Elimination in Fort Walton & Surrounding Areas

MoleMoles are commonplace in our area and are definitely considered a nuisance.  They can cause damage to your property and often prove to be an elusive pest when control using conventional methods is attempted.  To be successful in ridding your property of this pest you need to understand how moles operate and understand what tools are required to shut them down.  Before we discuss effective techniques for control, let’s get to know this pest a little better.

There are seven species of moles in North America.  Moles are sometimes confused with voles, shrews, and even pocket gophers.  True moles can be identified properly by looking for distinguishing characteristics.  Moles are generally between 6 ⅝ and 7 inches in length.  They have a hairless, pointed snout that extends about a ½ inch in front of the mouth.  Both their eyes, and ears, are concealed in their fur.  Their forefeet are very large and broad and the toes are webbed to the base of the claws.  The hind feet are small and narrow.

Moles live underground in dens and are researchers believe that they are generally solitary.  Moles rarely come to the surface preferring to stick to the seclusion of their tunnels underground.  The shallow tunnels that are visible on the surface are generally used for finding food sources in their hunting grounds.  They prefer to hunt in soil that is loose, shaded, cool, and moist.  The mole’s primary food source is insects, worms, and grubs.  They are most active finding and storing food on rainy periods in the summer time.  Moles have few natural enemies.  Coyotes, badgers, skunks, and dogs will dig them out periodically. In the rare circumstance that the mole is above ground cats, hawks, and owls will also get them.

EnSec’s Mole Elimination Program is all that you need if you are serious about getting rid of these pests once and for all.  Many baits and repellants are marketed for their control, but these approaches either do not work, or are temporary solutions at best.  The only true solution to this issue is to utilize the permanent solution of a trap.  The trap system that we use consists of multiple traps that are set in the mole’s current hunting area.  This approach is highly effective in locating and exterminating any moles that are active at your property. 


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