Pace, FL Pest Control Services

American Roach 4When insects or animals invade your Florida home, it's wise to call a local pest control firm. Exterminators have the training they need to identify a particular species and use the most effective methods to eliminate it. These professionals work to rapidly end infestations and prevent further damage or discomfort. They frequently find three common pests in Pace, FL homes.

Termite Control

Multiple types of termites devour wooden structures throughout the Florida Panhandle. They include the Eastern subterranean termite, an insect with a soft, translucent body that rarely measures more than one-eighth inch long. The larger powderpost drywood and brown-yellow Formosan termites also infest local homes. They often enter a building by constructing mud tubes or finding cracks in the foundation. The bugs remain hidden as they establish huge colonies.

This pest has the potential to cause extensive damage. It destroys building components, trees and even furniture. One queen can lay enough eggs to produce thousands of these voracious bugs in a single day. The pest control professionals at Ensec know how to carefully inspect a house for termites. When we find this insect, our staff takes immediate action using eco-friendly methods. We provide valuable guarantees that promise termite-free structures.

Cockroach Control

Unfortunately, western Florida is also home to several kinds of cockroaches. The German roach remains more prevalent, but Asian cockroaches populate this region as well. These two species grow up to five-eighth inch long. Asian roaches often invade homes by flying into brightly lit rooms. The German variety frequently hitchhikes on backpacks, shopping bags and boxes. They can also crawl indoors via unsealed cracks or holes.

Cockroaches bring about an assortment of serious problems. They damage garments and books while contaminating pantry goods. Furthermore, these insects spread germs, trigger asthma attacks and cause allergic reactions. Roaches also produce a rather unpleasant smell. Ensec exterminators can eliminate these pests by sealing entryways, destroying eggs and treating infested areas.

Bedbug Control

Although they don't transmit diseases or hollow out walls, bedbugs can completely disrupt a person's life. They sneak into buildings by hitching rides on clothing, bags and rented or secondhand furnishings. Some Floridians' homes become infested after they stay in hotels that this pest has invaded. Mature insects have dark-colored bodies and similar measurements to an apple seed.

Bedbugs mainly cause problems when they bite people. These insects can trigger allergic reactions or skin infections. At a minimum, the bites usually result in unsightly welts and considerable discomfort. This pest also stains furniture with its feces. Bedbug infestations remain particularly hard to defeat, so it's vital to call an exterminator. We use powerful heat treatments to eliminate these bugs while minimizing the need for chemicals.

Ensec's experienced pest control professionals strive to quickly rid Pace, Fla. homes of unwanted organisms. We use environmentally friendly yet effective methods. Our company employs integrated pest management strategies that minimize harm to human and animal health. To learn more about Ensec's competitive rates and eco-friendly techniques, please call today!


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