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Silverfish Control in Mobile & surrounding Alabama towns

Silverfish-2Silverfish lurk in the dark, damp recesses of your home and often scope out kitchens and bathrooms. These insects thrive in attics and basements and feed mostly on sugars and starches. If you find one silverfish in your home, it will not take long until you see them everywhere, from searching for food in the pantry to gathering in the bathtub.

Identifying a Silverfish

A silverfish has a grayish or bluish-silver body that measures up to an inch in length. It has three bristles that protrude from its rear and two antennae at the front of its head. A variety of silverfish species exist; however, most species grow from juveniles to adults with minimal change in appearance.

Silverfish Diet and Reproduction

Silverfish love paper and boxes, so check your pantry or cupboard for signs of an infestation. They leave behind tiny droppings and feed on everything from shampoo to linen. These bugs also enjoy eating the glue in books and dead insects in your home. Because silverfish species vary, so do their reproduction habits. Whereas some species lay just a few eggs per day, other species lay clusters of 60 eggs. In her lifetime, the female silverfish lays more than 100 eggs, which take up to two months to hatch. Silverfish live up to eight years and breed the entire time they live in your home.

Silverfish Pest Control

Contact us for a free quote and learn how we eradicate your silverfish problem once and for all. We use preventative and curative techniques to ensure your home remains free of silverfish once we leave. Don't rely on traps that only target single insects; let us create a customized plan and rid your home of the infestation.


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