Snake Control Program

diamondbackIf you live on the gulf coast you have seen a snake or two around your property.  Most folks do not care if these snakes are venomous or non-venomous, they just want them gone.  Our snake control program is designed to capture snakes in and around the home and to try and prevent them from frequenting our clients properties. 

This is accomplished by incorporating glue traps, or in some cases live traps in the garage and perimeter of the home and by applying products along the border of the property and around the home that repels snakes. 

We offer two programs for snake control.  The first is our gold program where we provide eight treatments on monthly centers.  The second is our silver program where we provide six treatments on monthly centers.  We do offer a one time snake treatment as well.  The repellant we use lasts roughly a month so it is important that we re-establish the repellant barrier regularly.


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