At EnSec all of our services are guaranteed.  Many of our services carry the additional protection of a warranty.  We offer the following warranties:

Wood Destroying Insects

We offer annual retreatment and repair warranties for up to a million dollars for termites and other wood destroying organisms.  Got termite concerns?  We’ve got you covered.

For more information about our Wood Destroying Insect Programs click here.

Fire Ant Warranty

Our annual fire ant warranty is in place to protect you and your family from these stinging pests for a full 52 weeks.  Reclaim your property with this valuable service.

For more information about our Annual Fire Ant Program click here.

Bed Bug Warranty

We offer innovative treatments to control active bed bug problems, as well as, a warranty for these pests as well.  If your home is found to be clear of these pests, you are eligible to purchase an annual warranty for bed bug protection.  This proactive warranty delivers up to $1500 worth of Bed Bug services at a fraction of the cost if these pests invade your home.

Click here for more information about our bed bug program.

If you would like to speak directly with a certified pest control professional about these, or any of our value packed services, please call 1-877-97ENSEC.  


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