Yard Mole Elimination in Crestview & Surrounding Areas

black mole new 600pxMoles can bring about the ire of even the most level headed person.  These critters tunnel through the lawn in search of their favorite food source, the earthworm.   While tunneling, these pests have no regard for the havoc they wreak on the lawn and landscape.  Homeowners try to combat this pest with a variety of over the counter baits and gizmos which ultimately deliver poor results and added frustration.  One of the more confounding aspects of this pest is that it is usually one animal causing all of the trouble.

Our yard mole elimination program utilizes trapping systems that kill these critters while they tunnel through the property.  We use a variety of traps that either spear, pinch, or scissor these pests.  We will use no less than four of these traps per yard.  If the mole is elusive we will double the amount of traps on the property.  In the rare case where trapping alone is not effective, we will incorporate a bait into the program to get the desired result.


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