Aeration Services

Serving the Panhandle of Florida & the Gulf Coast of Alabama

EnSec Provides Service in Mobile & Baldwin Counties in AL and Escambia & Santa Rosa Counties in FL

ryanturfAeration is a service that physically removes cores of soil and thatch from our customers lawns. The machine is quite heavy and a bear to maneuver, but this weight helps ensure that a core depth of two to two and a half inches is achieved. This service is very beneficial because each core introduces oxygen to the root zone. Roots exist in the oxygen spaces between soil particles. The introduction of additional oxygen spaces results in new root growth. A healthy root system results in healthy top growth and a stronger overall plant.

There are many other benefits associated with aeration. At the point where rhizomes and stolons are cut by the machines tines, new top growth will occur. This is especially helpful for anemic or thin lawns. Another benefit to aeration is that compacted soils are broken up allowing root and top growth a better chance to take off and enabling water and nutrients a better opportunity to get down to the roots. Thatch reduction is also accomplished by aerating. When a core is removed it opens up the thatch layer and helps introduce microorganisms that will help reduce the thatch layer. For these reasons we recommend a once annual aeration. Aerations can be performed anytime throughout the growing season.

Prior to performing this service, we will need access to either the irrigation timer or to the outdoor valve boxes so we can make sure that we do not damage any sprinkler heads.


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