Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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Thermal Remediation

Bed bugs are resistant to insecticides so alternative treatments are required. Environmental Security offers a bed bug heat treatment known as Thermal Remediation. Once a bed bug problem has been identified, by Bo (our K9 Inspector), we begin the heat treatment process.

3-Keys-to-success-resized-600The first step is to explain to the customer how this process will work and what preparation needs to take place before we can perform this service. We then set up electric heaters that are powered by a diesel generator in a self contained trailer. These heaters, along with fans to keep the air moving, will ultimately raise the temperature in the treatment area to 130 degrees. We monitor the temperature using sensors that communicate readings to a laptop that is set up in close proximity to the treatment area. This technology gives us complete confidence that lethal temperatures are reached and maintained.

Research places a lethal temperature and duration for control of all stages of bed bugs(including the eggs) at 120 degrees if sustained for a one hour period. Our heat treatment is measured and logged at 130 degrees for a sustained period of three hours. There is no question as to whether or not this pest is controlled using Thermal Remediation. After the process is complete, we will check to make sure that all bed bug activity has ceased. We then pack up the equipment, clean up, and leave. The treated area is then ready to be enjoyed without the presence of unwanted guests.

The EnSec Bed Bug Heat Treatment program will get rid of the bugs and give you back the peace of mind that you deserve.

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