Bed Bug Removal

Serving the Panhandle of Florida & the Gulf Coast of Alabama

Bed Bug infestations require professional remediation. Professional Bed Bug Remediation Services from ENSEC includes heat treatment to resolve infestations and residual products to provide lasting protection from reinfestation.

Heat Treatment

Bed Bug 3Many factors in bed bugs' biology and behavior make treatment with conventional pest control methods difficult. Current pest management techniques have proven the best solutions for bed bugs infestations include heat treatment. Proper Heat Remediation includes:

  • applying heat with properly design equipment from trained technicians
  • monitor temperatures to ensure quality of heat application
  • move that heated air to reach bed bugs where they hide.

Additional benefits of heat remediation is the application of other products for their residual effect is still possible and recommended in many circumstances. We all want to be "GREEN" and absolutely demand the best choices when it comes to the place we sleep.

Bed bugs are the most difficult pest problem affecting public and private properties today. Environmental Security is dedicated to being your total solution for bed bug problems by focusing on professional canine detection and comprehensive bed bug remediation to give you the best options. So don't allow these blood sucking pests to feed on your family any longer. Fill out the information on this page today and receive your free estimate. If you'd rather, you can call one of our certified bed bug professionals at 877-97- EnSec(877-973-6732) and they will be happy to explain how we can turn up the HEAT on your bed bug concerns.

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