Tips And Tricks To Keep The Rodents In Pensacola At Bay

mouse outside on leaves

When it comes to homeownership in Pensacola, dealing with pests will likely occur at least once or twice in your life. There are many different kinds of pests that could invade your home, but perhaps one of the most common is rodents.

Finding and removing rodents can be a rather ruthless endeavor, as these pesky creatures love to hide in the most obscure places. Finding them and keeping them out of your home can be a challenge, but luckily we have some tips and tricks on keeping them at bay. Read on to find out why rodents are a hazard to your property, tips for rodent control, and how to safely get rid of them with pest control in Pensacola.

Common Types Of Rodents That Invade Pensacola Homes

Rodents encapsulate a broader category of pests, but all of them can invade your Pensacola home. Some common kinds of rodents in Pensacola include:

  • Norway Rats – Norway rats are about 7 to 9 ½ inches long, with mostly brown fur. These rats usually have a gray or white underside, blunt muzzles, and small eyes and ears. These rodents are common all over the country and are widely known. They enjoy building burrows outdoors, hiding in trash cans, basements, and any lower floors in your home. Norway rats are also nocturnal.
  • Roof Rats - Roof rats are mostly in the southern part of the United States. Their bodies are a bit smaller than Norway rats, but their tails are extremely long. Like the Norway rat, they are brown with black hairs interspersed, but where they differ is that the roof rat has a really long tail and big eyes and ears. As their name suggests, these rodents like to hang out in the upper parts of buildings, such as roofs and attics. These little guys are also excellent climbers.
  • Deer Mice - Deer mice are about 5 to 8 inches long with brown fur and white undersides and feet. These particular mice are distinguishable from other mice because they have a two-toned tail; brown on top and white on the bottom. Deer mice are commonly found in rural areas rather than cities and will likely hide out in your shed or garage.
  • House Mice - The house mouse is considered a house rodent and is a bit smaller than deer mice, ranging between 2 and 4 inches, with a dusty gray color and cream-colored underside. House mice also have round bodies with large ears and pointy faces. These mice are common in homes.

If any of these rodents infest your home, it may be time to take more serious measures into your hands.

Why You Don't Want Rodents Hanging Around Your Property

While rodents can be quite cute and make for good pets when domesticated, having an infestation can be a real problem for your property. First of all, they can pose a health risk to you and your family. Rodents carry diseases and track in bacteria they can transfer to you by invading your food or walking around on your countertops where you prepare food. They can also cause allergies to flare up and pose a more serious risk for those with asthma.   In addition, rodents can also damage your property by chewing on or through it. Often, rodents in walls can chew up insulation, wood, and sometimes even electrical wires, posing a serious risk of fires.

Tips To Keep Rodents Away From Your Home

While a professional rodent control company should handle a rodent infestation when one happens, there are some ways you can deter them from entering your house or sticking around. Some tips to keep rodents away from your home include:

  • Keep any firewood stored outside and a solid distance away from your home.
  • Seal and fix any cracks, crevices, or broken vents around the outside of your house and in attics and basements.
  • Store any storage or boxes one-half to a foot off the ground to prevent rodents from crawling up and hiding in them.
  • Make sure trash cans have proper lids that seal tightly, both inside and outside the house.
  • Keep food in appropriate storage containers and clean up any food messes right after they occur.

Follow these steps after you've had your home properly cleared of rodents, and they likely won't return.

How To Safely Get Rid Of Rodents In Pensacola And Keep Them Away

Getting rid of rodents on your own is nearly impossible. Even if you get rid of a few of them, it's likely more are hiding where you can't see them or that they'll return. To safely get rid of rodents and keep them away, you need to hire a professional pest control company like Ensec. If you're dealing with an infestation, don't hold off a day longer; give us a call today.