Is It Dangerous To Have Fleas In My Pensacola Home?

cat flea on skin

Fleas may be common in Pensacola homes, but this doesn’t mean they come without risks. It is important to understand the dangers fleas can bring to your property and participate in preventing these pests.

The Dangers Of Fleas

Fleas are an incredibly common problem for homeowners, though these tiny pests are difficult to see at first and hard to detect. Below are some initial warning signs that you have fleas in your home:

  • Pets may suddenly start scratching and nipping at their fur much more often than usual. You may also see red marks or bumps on your pet’s skin or hair loss on your pet as they scratch at the fleas.
  • Humans in your home may start feeling itchy or develop similar bumps and red marks on their arms and legs.
  • Visual inspection of your house may turn up flea bodies or flea ‘dirt,’ which is the waste product of fleas. These droppings are typically very small and black in coloration, though they may leave behind rust-colored stains on floors, furniture, or carpets.

Many individuals don’t regard fleas as a big deal because they are a common pest problem. However, fleas can be a significant threat to both pets and people once they start infesting your home. It is also important to note that while flea problems may be more common in homes with pets, you do not need animals in your house to contract a flea infestation.

Fleas carry diseases like flea-borne typhus and the bubonic plague, which can cause serious illness. A flea bite may also transfer tapeworms to humans or pets or heartworm to animals, all of which need medical attention to remedy. Also, in humans, fleas can cause certain health issues, such as allergic reactions. These reactions may be mild and result in itching and swelling or as serious as anaphylaxis. If you have difficulty breathing after being bitten by a flea, seek medical attention immediately.

Flea Prevention Tips

If you want to keep fleas out of your home for good, there are a few prevention tips that you can follow:

  • Keep your pets up to date with all flea prevention treatments; you should do this year-round (depending on your vet’s instructions) to ensure that your pets are always protected.
  • Prevent all wildlife and rodents that may be carrying fleas from entering your property and making their way into your home. You can ensure these pests stay out by sealing all gaps and cracks around windows, doors, and your foundation. You may also want to work with the professionals at EnSec of Florida to ensure your property is protected.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris in addition to keeping the grass trimmed low. This maintenance reduces the number of hiding spots that rodents or other pests that carry fleas have in your yard.
  • Make sure to vacuum and dust your home often, as regular cleaning can help you remove any trace of fleas or flea eggs that may have made it into your house. It can also help deter an infestation from ever getting started.

Efficient Flea Control

Fleas can be difficult to get rid of once they are widespread in your home, which is why the best form of flea protection involves a collaborated effort between your vet and the pest control professionals at EnSec of Florida. The experts can help protect your property and provide targeted solutions so your home can be flea-free.