What To Do About Rats On Your Pensacola Property

Norway rat inside a home

The seasons are changing, cooler temperatures are upon us, and rats in Pensacola are scurrying about, searching for somewhere to take shelter during the colder months. There are two common species of rats in North America: the Norway rat and the roof rat.

  • Roof rats are generally black in color and inhabit trees, shrubs, and dense vegetation when in the wild. In your home, they are notorious climbers and will make their way into your attic for a prime nesting spot. Roof rats are partial to climates like Pensacola, preferring warmer, coastal habitats.
  • Norway rats are larger than roof rats, brown to grayish-brown in color, and make their nests in gardens, woodpiles, and trash piles. Inside your home, they tend to gravitate to the basement to set up their nest. Both species have pointed ears, long hairless tails and can be very destructive to your property. Rats rely heavily on humans for food sources, habitat, and nesting materials.

The Dangers Of Having Rats In Your Pensacola Home

Most people know the damage rats can cause when they inhabit a home, but it’s essential to understand the actual danger behind these four-legged pests. Rats are notorious disease-carrying animals. One of the most severe diseases they are known to carry is the bubonic plague. Fleas that live and feed on rats bite humans, thus spreading this deadly bacteria that isn't easy to treat without hospitalization and strong antibiotics. 

Rats can make people sick both by direct contact and indirect contact with humans. Their feces and urine can be toxic to your health just by contacting places where they have urinated and defecated. Their bites and scratches can cause rat-bite fever, and contaminated food and water sources can cause salmonellosis.

In addition to a rat’s potential for spreading disease, they can be responsible for expensive and even dangerous damage to your home. When rats chew through walls and wiring, they can create a fire hazard in your home. It is hard to know that this damage is occurring since it is hidden between your walls. This is why it is crucial to stop a rat infestation before it starts.

How Do You Prevent Rats From Invading Your Pensacola Home?

Nothing gets your heart pumping like spotting a rat in your home. Once you get over the initial shock of realizing you have a rat roaming about your home, you might want to start thinking about how to get rid of your unwanted four-legged guest. Knowing how to prevent a rat infestation or get rid of one is crucial for all Pensacola residents. Here are some tips to rat-proof your home:

  • Inspect your home regularly for potential entry points for rats. Repair any cracks or holes immediately. Rats can gain access to your home through the smallest of spaces.
  • Keep bushes and shrubs well-groomed that are near your home’s foundation. Remember that rats like to build nests in vegetation where they can easily hide. If they are close to your home, they are more likely to find a way inside.
  • Keep trash sealed up at all times. Rats will make a meal and a nest out of your unwanted trash. Don’t make it easy for them to find a readily available food source.
  • Inside your home, be sure to keep food safely stored in airtight containers. Do not leave food lying around or open containers or bags in your cabinets.
  • If you find yourself with a rat infestation, do not hesitate to call the residential pest control professionals at EnSec of Florida.

When To Call The Professionals At EnSec Of Florida

Given the dangers of having a rat infestation in or around your Pensacola property, it is imperative that you call the professionals immediately. Our trained specialists at EnSec of Florida will help you rid your home of these disease-carrying pests in no time. Call us today for a free estimate.