Why Professional Rodent Control Is The Way To Go For Your Home In Mobile, AL

house mouse in a pantry

Rodents have two things on their minds: eating and reproducing. That’s what makes your Mobile area home such an attractive spot to spend the winter. When the temperatures outside drop, mice and rats make their way indoors where they can find food and a warm place to nest. You may assume you’re doing them a favor by providing a spot to get in out of the cold. But trust us – that’s not a good idea.

Rodents are like house guests who simply won’t leave. They overstay their welcome, eat your food, and generally make a mess of things. But there’s a bigger problem at hand. Rodents carry diseases that humans can contract. That’s why it’s vital to contact a professional pest control company in Mobile if you even suspect you have a rat or mice problem.

Rats And Mice In Alabama

Rats and mice don’t play well together. That means it would be highly unusual to have both living in a home at once. While there are some similarities in the way they look, the species are quite different.

  • Similarities: Mice and rats are both members of the Rodentia family. It’s the largest family of mammals with about 1,500 species. All rodents have two large incisors that never stop growing. To keep these teeth in check, rats and mice gnaw on things. This can include your furniture, drywall, cabinets, flooring, and other household items. Rats and mice also have small, beady eyes and long tails. A rat’s tail is usually hairless while a mouse’s tail is covered by a thin layer of fur.
  • Differences: Rats are much larger than mice, and they tend to have a more disheveled appearance. Mice look more groomed, and they have triangular-shaped heads. Rats’ heads are blunt and more rounded. Additionally, mice have proportionately larger ears compared to their body size.

Dangers of Rats And Mice

Rodents can carry 35 communicable diseases. Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM), hantavirus, dysentery, leptospirosis, and salmonellosis are among the pathogens rodents can transmit to humans. Additionally, rats and mice can also bring fleas, mites, and ticks into your home, and their droppings can trigger allergy and asthma attacks, especially among children. Because they like to chew, rodents destroy property and have been known to spark fires and cause water leaks by chewing through wires and plumbing.

Signs Of A Rodent Problem

Rodents are excellent at playing hide and seek. You may not know you have a rodent problem in Mobile unless you see some of their tell-tale signs such as:

  • Droppings, especially around packages of food and under sinks
  • Nesting materials like dried plants, shredded paper, or fabric
  • Signs of chewing on food containers
  • Holes chewed in the floor or around doorways
  • Stale, musty smells coming from dark, hidden areas

Eliminating A Rodent Problem

Many homeowners try to take care of rodent problems on their own. But this isn’t the best approach. Rats and mice are notoriously difficult to eliminate once they’ve established themselves. First, rodents are intelligent. Many learn to avoid traps and bait stations. Second, many have developed immunity to poisons sold at home improvement stores. Last, rodents reproduce fast. Really, fast. A momma rat can have up to a dozen pups every eight weeks, and those babies can start producing litters of their own at just five weeks of age!

Professional Rodent Control

Rodent eradication requires expertise combined with the right treatment options. A professional pest control company is the best way to get rid of these pests in your Mobile home.

EnSec offers safe home pest control you can trust. When you trust us to conduct your service, we’ll discuss treatment options and continue to monitor your home to ensure your rodent issue is eliminated. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary inspection!