What Your Mobile, AL Lawn Wants You Know About Weed Control

chickweed infestation in a yard

Lawns seem easy to maintain, but that’s not necessarily the case. There’s a lot to upkeep, besides just cutting your grass and greenery. This is especially true if you’d like to have a garden or grow food from your yard. You have to be aware of the various elements that can spoil your land, so you can get around the obstacles and manage your Mobile, AL  plot well. 

Weeds are definitely an obstruction to having a beautiful lawn. They are more destructive than the average person realizes. Technically, they are plants. However, they don’t offer any natural food or nutrients. On top of that, they are hideous and can develop very quickly. Further, it’s tough to control them. Find out about local weed species and what EnSec can do about them.

What Weeds Are Common in Mobile? What Are the Risks?

For a multitude of reasons, weeds are a problem. They form and grow aggressively,  battling healthy grass for nutrients, water, air, and space. Case in point, they will take up all newly laid fertilizer before other greenery. The cultivation and consistency that property owners hope to see will be stifled. Positive organisms will be destabilized, and insect infestations can occur frequently. Drought and disease are also possibilities. Your yard may look discolored and unfruitful. 

Weeds In The Area Include:

  • Chickweed: This subset can be seen in winter, despite spring being its peak season. Rain and cooler temperatures can facilitate additional uprisings. Anticipate chickweed if you have a damp or acidic yard. Thankfully, it can be effortlessly yanked and put in a salad. Thoroughly wash it first, though.
  • Shepherd's Purse: You can eat this species as well. It’s lengthy since it’s a mustard green. It’s capable of reducing fertility, hence its status as an astringent. Pulling it or snipping it with a hoe is an option. Be sure to approach it from the bottom. Heat can kill it.  
  • Lambsquarters: If you attack these continually for around two months, you can conquer them. Customary mowing may thwart them too. You can identify them by their vast midsections, tapered tips, and leaf coating. Look for a gray, mealy substance.

Is There a Way to Prevent Mobile Weeds?

Working out on the lawn can be tiresome, particularly in unfavorable weather. You’ll have to ignore the feelings of dread if you want to have a vibrant area. The better the aesthetic for your home or business, the more enticing it will be to guests, business partners, and customers. Do the following: 

  • Surround plants and flower beds with ground cover to crowd weeds out.
  • See to it that you seed your grass and gardens regularly.
  • Try to avoid draining or overwatering aerated soil.
  • Limit evaporation and subsequent water loss by using organic soil, which will be nourishing and cooling.  
  • Do what you can to keep accidental germination from happening.  
  • Call EnSec for ongoing services.

What Will EnSec Do About Mobile Weeds?

Part of what distinguishes EnSec from other companies is that we prioritize comprehensive and wide-ranging pest care. An example of this is our focused department for lawn management. Our Healthy Lawn Program consists of eight treatment applications for your turf annually. You’ll have access to insect and weed control, soil samples and amendments, fertilizer solutions, fungicide, and much more. A maximum protection guarantee and unlimited service calls are attached.

Sod and plugging, aeration, and top dressing services are available too. These options are designed to enhance the progress of grass and heal barren zones. Our professional technicians can provide recommendations for grass and similar. When you call today, you’ll receive a free estimate!