What You Should Know About The Damaging Weeds On Your Pensacola Lawn

gardening weeds out of a lawn

If the health of someone you care about is at risk, you would want them to see a doctor, right? It is only natural for us to want the things we love to be happy and healthy. One thing many homeowners love is their lawn. If you are looking for a way to keep your grass lush and green, let us help. Here is everything your Pensacola lawn wants you to know about damaging weeds.

Common Weeds Around Pensacola

There are many different species of weeds that plague lawns here in Pensacola. Here are a few you should know about and a basic description of each:

Broadleaf Plantain

  • Long wavy edges, rounded leaves
  • Long tap root, very similar to dandelions
  • Perennial (year-round)

Bull Thistle

  • Grows in a rosette and has spiny leaves
  • Produces purple blossoms in its second year
  • Biennial (grows up every other year)


  • Three oblong, clover-shaped leaflets with serrated edges
  • Produces prickly seed pods
  • Perennial


  • Has flat, sharp-pointed blades
  • Seed heads produce three to ten spike-like fingers
  • Annual (Once a year)


  • Coarse, one-half inch wide, yellow-green leaf blades
  • Adaptive to changes in climate and moisture
  • Perennial


  • Large yellow flowers that mature into white, round seeded puffballs
  • Perennial


  • Folded leaves with overlapping sheaths
  • Seed heads form up to ten spike-like fingers
  • Annual


  • Purple and white flowers produced from the tips of their stalks
  • Perennial


  • Also known as nutgrass
  • Grows single tubers out of its root ends
  • Perennial


  • Blue-green in color with rough blades
  • Spiked seed heads
  • Perennial

Problems Weeds Cause

A weed is defined as “a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants.” Around lawns, weeds steal nutrients, water, sunlight, and other necessities from grass and local plants. Weeds also make lawns look unsightly growing parallel to the ground, sprouting up faster than the grass surrounding them or suffocating nearby plant life, creating ugly bare spots of dry soil. If left untreated long enough, weeds can take over the entirety of a lawn. If your lawn has been unhealthy for long enough, you may have started to think your weeds are just grass.

The Difficulties In Preventing And Eliminating Weeds

Killing weeds without killing a lawn is a difficult task. Not only do you have to know which treatments work for the weeds present on your property, but you also know what methods to use to minimize the threat to your grass and other plant growth. This knowledge requires a tremendous amount of research, access to professional-grade products, and the tools needed to get the job done right. If you do not have the time, money, or patience to figure out and gain access to all of these things, we recommend leaving the care of your lawn in the hands of a professional.

How EnSec Helps Keep Lawns Weed-Free

If you were sick and didn’t know what was wrong, you would go to a professional health care facility to have yourself checked out. The same should be true for your lawn. If weeds are threatening the health of your landscaping, don’t waste your time trying to find solutions on your own, but instead turn to the professionals at EnSec. Not only do we have the experience to get the job done right, we exclusively use industry-leading products and advanced lawn care techniques to help maintain properties around Pensacola.

Call us today or reach out to one of our service representatives through our website to learn more about our home pest control and lawn care programs, and to schedule a visit for your Pensacola property.