Preparing Your Mobile Home For Termite Season

subterranean termites tunneling through wood

Termites are some of the most destructive pests, and they might be the worst of all. Termites in Mobile eat through wood constantly once they invade, which means that damage they cause can add up.

Termites in Mobile can be active throughout the year. They will eat through all kinds of wooden items,, whether it’s summer or winter, but termite season refers to the period between spring and fall when the termite swarmers leave the nest to reproduce and expand their colonies. Find out more about dealing with termites in the area and get termite control tips in this guide.

What Are The Types Of Termites In Mobile?

There are various subterranean termites in the area that get into buildings. Subterranean termites create large underground tunnels and nests in the soil and enter into wooden structures through wood that touches the ground or makes mud tubes. These termites can also use patterns in concrete cracks to get into buildings.

Some of the most common termite species in the area include native subterranean termites, Eastern subterranean termites, and Formosan termites,, which are known for being some of the most voracious and destructive. These Formosan termites are sometimes called “super termites” because they can be so aggressive and destructive. 

How Long Does It Take For Termites To Destroy A Home In Mobile?

While termites are invasive and can do a great deal of damage, it doesn’t happen overnight. They are still small insects, and it does take some time for their colonies to grow and damage to start to appear. Termite damage will usually begin to show up a year or so into the infestations, and it usually takes around eight to ten years for a home to be destroyed. 

Part of the reason termites do so much damage is that they are difficult to spot at first. You likely won’t realize you have termites at all until damage begins to appear, and at this point, the termites will have been around for a while. 

Why Termite Control In Mobile Is Necessary

Preventing and removing termites on your own is difficult. These pests are hard to identify and even harder to remove. While some people try do-it-yourself (DIY) termite control, this isn’t advisable. These pests can sprawl throughout your property and underground in the soil, so targeting their entire nest and removing all of the termites is nearly impossible without pest control assistance. The experts at Ensec Of Alabama can provide effective termite removal and fumigation services, so you don’t have to worry about termites anymore.

Is There a Way To Prevent Termites In Mobile?

There are some preventative steps you can take so termites don't invade your property. The best thing to do is to limit soil-to-wood contact around the property, especially around the foundation of the building. You can also focus on removing humidity problems in the house and around the yard.

However, the best way to prevent termite damage is to have annual termite inspections. Contact the pest control experts at EnSec of Alabama to learn more about annual termite inspections and termite removal services. You need to give us a call today to get started.