Call The Pros When It Comes To Rodent Control In Mobile

house mouse nursing young mice

Rodents scare people twice as much as insects do, and for a good reason. First off, they can be humongous, especially in comparison to bugs. One swat certainly isn’t going to kill them. Second, they have sharp fangs. The main thing they have in common with creepy crawlers is that they’re often covered with harmful germs. As if that isn’t worrisome enough, vermin can literally ruin your Mobile home or business.

It won’t take long for rodents to dominate your space because they are prolific and quickly reproduce. Further, they can enter buildings smoothly. Folks depend on “do-it-yourself” (DIY) tricks and retail items, but this isn’t the way to go. Find out why and how EnSec can help get rid of rodents in Mobile.

What Rodents Are In Mobile & What Are The Risks?

House mice and Norway rats are two pervasive species in the area. Domiciles and establishments are beleaguered by house mice, as their name indicates. Attaining food, water, and warmth is their objective. Though they are primarily gray, black, or brown, a brighter tone is on their stomachs. Basements, structural voids, cabinets, and similar will be their hiding spots. They are drawn to the quiet and darkness. Dampness and humidity also magnetize them. Since these vermin originate in woody and grassy zones, adjoining properties are likely to be under attack. The same goes for rats.

Norway rats access human dwellings through the tunnels and burrows they create in the ground, which damages landscaping and yards. Getting indoors will be easy for them if your foundations aren’t sturdy. It’s kind of hard to get these rodents mixed up with others, given their appearance. They are 15 inches long; their tails alone are 7 inches. Copious brown or gray fur that is shaggy is all over them.

Infestation pointers are:

  • Seeing vermin during the day; they are nocturnal
  • Hearing scratching or squeaking behind walls
  • Finding fecal droppings or footprints
  • Discovering oily rub stains on corners and walls

To keep their growing teeth down, rodents will chew on various objects—for instance, wires, walls, and piping. Disaster can be imminent with electrical outages and fires, structural injury, and plumbing fractures.

You can be hurt or become sick when these pests are near as well. Even if you aren’t scratched or bitten, you may still catch a disease like hantavirus, leptospirosis, or salmonella. There’s a potential for viruses and pathogens too. Their hairs contain bacteria and parasites. Microbes will be flowing through their saliva, feces, and urine. Collecting germs is inevitable when rodents run along alleys, sewer systems, and dumpsters.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Mobile Rodents?

Self-made concoctions and natural remedies aren’t powerful enough to beat a rodent infestation. At best, just a few critters will die. Commercial traps and pesticides won’t provide improved results either. These expensive goods are low-potency and have to be placed strategically. Reaching the spaces where the creatures settle is next to impossible.

Here are some practical rodent prevention steps:

  • Lessen all clutter.
  • Wash your dishes and clean the kitchen with detail often.
  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop regularly. 
  • Use canisters with secure lids for food and trash storage.   
  • Fix leaks and moisture breakdowns immediately.
  • Seal gaps in windows, doors, and foundations. Use steel wool instead of chewable plastic or rubber. 
  • Clear gutters and drains on a routine basis. 
  • Cut the grass and trim the greenery frequently. Sit plants two feet away from the property.

How Will EnSec Handle Mobile Rodents?

If you don’t want to throw your money away trying to eliminate rodents, call us at EnSec. Our experienced technicians will employ industrial-grade interior and exterior residential pest control treatments that are safe. Affordable, comprehensive programs are also available. Get a free estimate when you call today!