How Pests Around Your Mobile Home Are Worse Than You Think

Mobile, AL home

A lot of people like to kid themselves into thinking that pests would never be a problem in their home. Others tend to see pests around their property and not pay them much attention, thinking the problem will go away on its own or is simply not a big deal. But these kinds of assumptions are how people get blindsided by the serious problems that pests do cause. That’s why every property owner should learn how they can prevent and properly protect against pest problems in Mobile of all kinds.

Don’t Underestimate The Risks

It’s easy to think that your home, yard, or surrounding areas aren’t attractive targets for pests. We tend to assume that pest infestations usually happen in dirty areas. But the truth is that human activity that happens inside of every home is a natural attractant of pests. They know that food, water and shelter can be found inside of our homes, which is why they’ve become so good at invading and laying low. No property is entirely pest-proof, which is why it helps to have trained professionals inspect for signs of pests or things that might attract them. At EnSec, we take the risks of pests seriously because we know that a pest population isn’t just an annoyance, it can be a health hazard, too.

The Dangers Pests Pose

Pest problems aren’t just minor nuisances. Some of them can spell trouble for you, your property, and your loved ones. From ants to rodents and spiders to cockroaches, pests in Mobile pose all of the following dangers:

  • Damage: Even small amounts of damage can build up over time, which is why leaving a pest problem unaddressed often leads to costly repairs.
  • Disease: Pests are considered health hazards because of the diseases they can spread to people and pets. Even if they don’t carry diseases directly, nearly every kind of pest is known to pose some sort of health issue.
  • Allergies: Viruses and bacteria aren’t the only ways pests can pose health risks, they can also cause or worsen existing allergies and respiratory health problems.
  • More Pests: The presence of one kind of pest often leads to others as well. This domino effect of pest problems is why you should treat all of them as problematic.

General Pest Control Tips

Again, even clean and well-managed homes and yards can act as safe havens for pests. No property is ever truly protected with mere at-home methods. That’s why professional treatments are worth the investment because they provide overall protection from pests. That said, there are some general pest control tips that every homeowner should be equipped with:

  • Food Storage: Pests can be attracted by the smell of food even from outside, so proper food storage is important. Some pests can even chew through packaging, so sturdy storage containers are a worthwhile purchase.
  • Deep Cleaning: Of course, food sources aren’t just found inside of food packaging. Crumbs and spills can accumulate around a home, so regular deep cleaning is important.
  • Trash Storage: Pests can also find food inside your trash bins, which is why well-secured garbage cans -- both inside and outdoors -- can help reduce your risk.

The Best Protection: Professional Help

To truly rest assured that your home is safe from pest infestations, you need to turn to experts for guidance and thorough services. At EnSec, we know all the ways pests invade homes and what attracts them in the first place. This not only helps us inspect for signs of pest activity, but it also allows us to tailor pest control methods to your home and budget. For overall protection from pests and the serious health issues they pose, contact EnSec Pest & Lawn today.