Are You Struggling With Weeds In Your Yard In Mobile?

broadleaf plantain lawn weed

When you need a Mobile Pest control company, look beyond our team at EnSec Of Alabama. We do so much more than simple pest exterminations and removals. We even do lawn care. A lawn and weed service might not seem like something you need, especially from a pest control company, but we deliver so much more than a regular lawn service in Mobile. 

Life can get busy hectic, and sometimes our lawns suffer for it, but yours in Mobile doesn’t have to. Our Healthy Lawn Program is extensive in providing high-quality care to your lawn. We want to keep your lawn looking its best and thriving, so when you need the best lawn weed control service, give us a call.

What Causes Weeds To Grow In Mobile?

Weeding is never fun, and some weeds can be difficult to remove entirely. Once they pop up around your garden, it’s only a matter of time before your entire lawn is overrun. A few of the more common types of weeds include the following:

  • Broadleaf weeds
  • Chickweeds
  • Clover
  • Dandelions
  • Dollarweeds

These weeds can be unsightly and hard to handle, so calling a lawn weed control service can help you turn the tide in your lawn. They are mainly caused by disrupted soil, such as digging or rain. They can also be caused by abrupt weather changes, not just rain, but temperature, shade, and its effect on the plants around them.

Five Tips For Weed Control 

Before you call any lawn weed spray service, there are a few steps you can take by yourself to help your lawn against weeds. Here are five tips to help your lawn:

  1. Install plugs to bare spots or sod around the bare area.
  2. Fertilize your lawn and garden regularly.
  3. Have a set watering schedule, and be sure not to over or underwater the area.
  4. Keep your grass cut, but not too short to where you’re balding your lawn.
  5. Keep up with the maintenance and irrigation around your lawn.

If you stay on top of your lawn and keep up with these steps, you can prevent weeds before they become a massive problem around your home. You should also be careful when using a lawn weed spray or herbicide because if you don’t use it properly, it can cause weeds to sprout up around your lawn too.

Stop The Weeds From Growing

Getting rid of weeds is a time-consuming problem that no one wants to deal with, but you always want to have a lush-looking lawn. Our team can provide you with our lawn weed control service, so you don’t have to deal with the mess. We can stop the weeds from growing through our different services such as our aeration, sod and plugging services, and lawn dressing, depending on the look that best fits your yard’s needs. With all the different ways we can treat your yard, you can rest assured that we can stop the weeds from growing and keep them off your property

EnSec Can Help With Weed Control 

At EnSec Of Alabama, we can provide you with the best lawn weed control service around, better in fact! We go above and beyond what a regular lawn service would provide to ensure that your lawn is always cared for and thriving. Your yard will never suffer dry spots or rampant weeds under our care at EnSec Of Alabama.

Our lawn and weed service options can be tailored to fit the needs of your property and schedule. Give us a call at EnSec Of Alabama to find out more about our expansive list of lawn options. You don’t have to worry about anything when we take over your lawn’s care, and we get to keep your property glowing!