What You Should Know About The Snakes In Mobile

curled up copperhead

Snakes can be at the top of the stress lists when you think of all the different pests that can find their way into your home in Mobile. No one wants to believe that something could be slithering around under their noses between pets and children. While snakes can more often than not be more afraid of us than we are of them, that’s no guarantee that they wouldn’t attack.

A professional team can come into your home in Mobile and take care of your problem in no time. When you want a Mobile pest control company that you can count on, EnSec Of Alabama is the team for you. We can humanely remove snakes and help you take steps to prevent them from coming back.

What Kind Of Snakes Are In Mobile

If you find snakes around your home, you might be wondering what kind it is and what brought it to your home. Due to being cold-blooded, a snake needs to seek out warmth to regulate its temperature. As such, you can find a plethora of snakes around Mobile, especially during the warmer months. Here are just a few of the different snakes you could come across:

  • Pine snakes
  • Pit vipers
  • Garter snakes
  • Kingsnakes
  • Water snakes

Pit vipers come in various forms, such as cottonmouth, rattle, and copperhead, which are among the more aggressive and dangerous types of snake. While these snakes are outwardly aggressive, they can become agitated or frightened and attack. It’s always better to let a professional handle extraction to avoid getting injured.

Should I Be Scared Of The Snakes In My Yard?

There are over 3,000 different kinds of snakes globally, and of that 3,000, around 600 are identified as venomous. Potent venom can have serious health complications that can be fatal if not treated. However, a snake need not be venomous to cause harm to a person. Snakes can wreak havoc on a person between a physical attack and mental stress.

A snake bite alone can be very painful. You should also be wary about what a snake could do to your pets if they are outside. Snakes are masters at hiding, so if you or your pet come across one, it could coil and spring in defense. Always keep an eye out if you think there might be snakes around your yard.

How To Keep Snakes Away

When dealing with any pest or wildlife that comes into your yard or home, you can take preventative steps. For snakes, it can seem like very innocuous steps that don’t do much; however, if you throw a few blanket deterrents up around your yard, you can prevent more than one pest. This can benefit your overall goal of protection in the long run. Here are some simple things you can do to protect your property better:

  • Keep your grass cut short and mow your lawn often; snakes hide in the grass.
  • Seal or repair any cracks and openings around your foundation.
  • Declutter areas around your yard and entry points.
  • Keep your garden well-maintained to prevent an overgrown hiding area.
  • Keep chopped wood stored away from your house.
  • Remove bird baths and bird feeders to eliminate potential prey.

Snake prevention is possible, but you shouldn’t rely solely on these tips. Snakes can come in various colors and sizes, so it’s always best to stay vigilant, and for absolute results, call in the pros.

Professional Pest Control Can Help With Snakes

Snakes can cause a lot of stress and panic, which can lead to injuries. However, you can eliminate that issue when you call in a professional team like us at EnSec Of Alabama. At EnSec Of Alabama, we go the extra mile to ensure that your home and yard are safe for you to enjoy once again. 

Our team can provide free estimates and inspections to assess the situation at hand properly. We are proud of the 25 years we have serviced our local community with green methods that make our service safe for every party involved. Reach out to our team at EnSec Of Alabama today to learn more about our snake control solutions and how we can give you your peace of mind back.