Why Do Mosquitoes In Alabama Bite?

mosquito biting skin of arm

The main reason mosquitoes are so persistent is that they absolutely have to bite you. If they aren’t able to drink blood, they will likely die. You won’t always catch them nibbling on you, but you’ll definitely see the red and itchy welts they create on your skin. It’s hard to enjoy the outdoors in Alabama with these flying pests around. 

Health experts assert that mosquitoes are a considerable medical threat. Since they target both humans and animals, the chances of disease transmission are significant. You won’t find it easy to stay away from these critters; controlling them is a battle. Learn more about what motivates mosquitoes and how you can deter them with assistance from EnSec.

How Do Mosquitoes Function? What Are the Dangers? 

When the word mosquito is translated, it means “little fly.” The inspiration for this is evident with their small 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long size. Their bodies are just as scaly as their wings. Pronounced noses and thin legs are also among their physical characteristics.

On the subject of bites, the female bugs are the guilty parties. Blood is critical to the process of egg production. Most people are allergic to the saliva mosquitoes inject, hence the subsequent itchy bumps. Water is another important fluid. It helps the pests with breeding and overall survival. Larvae feed on their organisms in particular. This is why you’ll see tons of them fluttering by standing pools. They’ll eventually take to greenery for its nectar. If a body of water and/or plenty of vegetation surrounds your place, mosquitoes will be a factor. On earth, 3,500 species exist. 

Mosquitoes will settle into a dark or damp spot after creeping through structural crevices or open doors and windows. You’ll probably see them in the basement or the room where you do your laundry. They might even be in a closet or two. In any event, sightings and continual bites are indicative of an infestation. 

While not every mosquito is infected or is a carrier of a disease, the possibility remains. These pests are linked to major illnesses. Here are some things to remember: 

  • Joint pain and fever are associated with Chikungunya, which is incurable.
  • Sweating and chills are key symptoms of Malaria.
  • Nausea, rashes, and fever are the result of Dengue.
  • Heart, liver, and kidney problems arise from yellow fever. 

Mosquitoes frequently spread the West Nile and Zika viruses. Symptoms like fever and mild headaches show up in one out of five individuals with West Nile. These signs will last over a few days. Difficult situations are rare, leading to brain inflammation, high body temperature, and disorientation. Zika often appears in travelers, but not exclusively. Though it’s typically not grave, congenital disabilities and nervous system diseases may occur. 

Are There Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes?

You have to be diligent with deterrence protocols if you want to keep mosquitoes away from your home or business. Making your land less alluring to them is the goal. Start with enhancing your exterior care practices: 

  • Light candles with repellent ingredients, like essential oils.
  • Lay out and regularly clean mosquito traps.
  • Lessen available standing water.
  • Cut the grass and trim the greenery often.
  • Flush gutters on a routine basis.
  • Don’t wear dark colors because mosquitoes can effortlessly see them.  
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages; the aroma draws mosquitoes.
  • Be cautious at dusk and when you’re by a watery location.

How Will EnSec Handle Mosquitoes?

The EnSec Management Plan for mosquitoes consists of industrial-grade treatments that are safe. Unlike retail goods and independent methods, our avenues aren’t limited to ineffectiveness. Our expert technicians will address sitting water and will apply larvicide and species-specific solutions. Breeding and resting will end! Call today for a free estimate!