Why Rodents In Mobile Are So Hard To Get Rid Of

house mouse in attic

Have you ever had to live with rodents? Even knowing these furry pests are around is enough to cause any individual stress. What is more stressful is how difficult rodents are to control. If you are at your wit's end trying to get these pests out of your Mobile home, we are here today with some answers. Here are some things to think about and what rodent control methods we recommend.

How Rodents Get Indoors

There are two things that rodents are really good at, staying out of sight, and invading homes. To get into homes in Mobile, these pests will squeeze inside through gaps, cracks, and other openings. Some common entry points include damaged screening, unprotected doors, utility piping, and foundational damage. One thing you should know is that if a hole or gap isn’t big enough for a rodent to squeeze through, they may chew on it until it is. A rat’s teeth are sharp enough and strong enough to gnaw through wood, plastic, aluminum, and soft concrete.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Pesticides For Rodents

It is easy to jump straight to pesticides to try to solve your rodent problem. We do not recommend this method as it can pose a serious threat to you, your family, and your pets. If not used properly, the use of pesticides to kill rodents could backfire. We have heard enough horror stories to be able to advise you not to use this method.

Do Snap Traps Work?

One of the best ways to handle a new rodent infestation is by using snap traps. If the rodents inside your home have never come across this elimination method before, they are likely to fall for it. To make the most out of your snap traps, place them in areas where rodents regularly travel, like in the backs of cabinets, cupboards, and pantries. 

Which Bait Works Best For Rodents?

When people think of baiting rodents, they usually think of cheese. Although these pests will eat cheese, it is not a great food to bait traps with. The reason for this is that rodents are sneaky. If possible, they will disarm snap traps by pulling off the bait. One way to make sure these furry troublemakers don’t disarm your snap traps is to smear peanut butter over the trigger mechanism. This will force them to lick and push against the pressure plate in order to get a tasty treat.

How Quickly Rodents Get Out Of Hand

Something many people do not consider about rodents is how fast they get out of hand. It only takes one female and one male for babies to happen. A small infestation of mice can turn into hundreds in a year. Now, chances are, your home will never have hundreds of rodents. These pests need a lot of food and water, and plenty of shelter to have this many babies. It is not, however, unlikely that your home might have a few dozen of these pests causing trouble. 

The Only Guaranteed Solution To Rodent Infestations 

At a certain point, the only way to effectively eliminate rodents is with professional help. At Ensec, we have invested time, money, and energy in making sure our rodent control is a step above the rest. We will inspect your home for these pests, identify where they are finding shelter, and use advanced control equipment to get them out. We will also recommend some options to protect your home and property against future rodent infestations.

Contact our team now to discover your best option for rodent control in Mobile.