Is It Dangerous To Have Bed Bugs In My Mobile Home?

bed bug crawling on bedding

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small parasitic insects with a flat and oval body measuring roughly a ¼ inch and a reddish-brown color that makes them appear similar to an apple seed. They are somewhat slow-moving and unable to fly; however, they are adept at hitchhiking and winding up in homes or businesses. Bed bugs tend to feed on human blood while the host is sleeping by penetrating the skin. Their saliva contains a chemical that can numb the area they pierce, limiting pain and minimizing the risk of detection. Human hosts typically develop red and itchy spots on the skin in areas including arms, legs, and neck. 

Signs Of Bed Bug Intrusion

Aside from evidence of bites, bed bugs commonly leave some visible clues of their presence in the bed area. A close examination of the bedding materials generally reveals red blood streaks or stains and their waste’s black powder-like appearance. The room also may develop an unpleasant smell. 

Health-Related Concerns With Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are unlikely to be a severe threat to human health; however, the concept of having an insect attack you while you rest is likely to generate some anxiety and encourage sleeplessness. Those with allergies may develop more adverse skin reactions and should avoid aggravating the area excessively enough to spawn a skin infection. 

Best Ways To Prevent Bed Bugs

A common misconception is that bed bugs might result from failures to clean or reduce clutter properly. The truth is that bed bugs prefer locations where humans live, as needed for their survival. They are not too picky about their surrounding beyond that. 

There are several ways to reduce the likelihood of experiencing a problem with bed bugs at home:

  • Be smart when traveling: Upon entering a hotel room, inspect the bed area for evidence of bed bugs and avoid placing clothing or belongings directly on the bed, upholstered furniture, or carpeted floors. When returning home, thoroughly inspect all clothing, bags, etc. 
  • Inspect home bed area: Periodically check headboards, seams of mattresses, and bedding material for any potential signs of bed bug activity. 
  • Properly treat or avoid second-hand furniture: Always inspect used furniture or appliances before bringing them into your home.
  • Launder clothing when concerned: If you suspect any presence of bed bugs, launder clothing and machine dry on a heated setting.

Appropriately Reacting To The Presence Of Bed Bugs

Infestations of bed bugs are very challenging to eliminate, as these pests will retreat within walls, baseboards, or other areas of a home or apartment building. Many property owners make the mistake of attempting to eliminate these pests using do-it-yourself products or home remedies. Examples include treatments in the form of foggers, aerosol sprays, and powders that commonly make outrageous claims of being useful.   

The reality is that most store-bought options are incapable of entirely expelling bed bugs and may contain harsh chemicals. You are encouraged to seek assistance from local bed bug control professionals to eliminate them promptly. 

Experienced Local Pest Control Professionals

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