Mobile Homeowners' Complete Bed Bug Prevention Handbook

Bed bug crawling on sheets

Bed bugs can happen anywhere and to anyone. Associating bed bugs with dirty, unkempt living conditions is a mere misconception, albeit a common one. Bed bugs have been found in the cleanest of homes as they commonly hitch a ride on items that you bring inside, especially secondhand furniture and appliances, as well as on purses, backpacks, and clothing.

Bed bugs are common pests found in Mobile homes and other areas where people live, sleep, and work. These places include apartments, condos, houses, school dormitories, camps, hotels, schools, offices, shelters, airports, public transportation, and other high-trafficked places.

Once they’ve found their way into your Mobile home, they’ll collect inside of electronics, which may even include your cell phone—yikes!—and appliances, behind wallpaper, along wood trimming, inside of upholstered furniture and bedding, and in areas within reach of where people sleep.

Read on for more about the common cause of bed bug infestations, where bed bugs commonly hide, and prevention tips.

What Causes A Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bugs are usually picked up from other places and brought into the home. They may be clinging to clothing or other items, such as used furniture and inside of luggage. Bed bug hotspots, or areas where bed bugs are most likely to be picked up, are places such as hotels and transportation hubs, which experience a lot of foot traffic.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs are found in and areas where people sleep. This includes the box spring and mattress in the bedroom, particularly around the seams and tags and the bed frame. If folks tend to nap or sleep in their living room, then bed bugs are likely to be found in and around the sofa and the upholstered furniture, such as in the seams of couches and chairs and in-between cushions.    Other places where bed bugs may hide include:

  • Behind loose wallpaper and wall hangings, such as posters, artwork, picture frames, and tapestries
  • In drawer joints
  • In electrical switch plates
  • In the creases of fabric, such as on furniture and stored or worn clothing

Tips On Preventing Bed Bugs From Entering Your Mobile Home

By being mindful of a few behaviors, it’s possible to reduce one’s likelihood of bringing bed bugs into their Mobile home. Consider the following three tips, though it’s important to note that because these pests are so small and easily overlooked, so bed bug prevention can never be 100-percent guaranteed.

  • Keep your things off the floor. When you’re out and about in public areas, such as restaurants, spas, or waiting rooms, refrain from placing your belongings on the floor, where bed bugs can easily hop onto your purse or backpack—and be carried into your home.
  • That goes for your luggage, too. If you’re staying at a hotel, use the luggage rack. Also, place your luggage in a plastic bag before bringing it into your home after traveling.
  • Inspect bedrooms and areas around where people sleep. By conducting regular inspections on and around bedding and in sleeping areas, you’ll be able to identify an infestation early on. Using a flashlight, inspect hard-to-see areas including along mattress seams, in box springs, and along the headboard. Don’t forget to look underneath beds as well.

If you suspect your Mobile home may be infested with bed bugs, call the professionals at EnSec of Alabama for our bed bug control service. At EnSec, we pride ourselves on being customer-centric, with our residential pest control services customized to precisely serve each homeowner’s unique needs and conditions. Bed bug infestations are treated using high-heat solutions that are eco-friendly and free of chemicals. Call the pros at EnSec, today.