Do Face Masks Protect Against Mosquito Bites In Pensacola?

mosquito filled with blood

Mosquitoes are just small insects that have no real purpose around your Pensacola home. As such, you might think of all the different ways to kill mosquitoes when they show up around your home, or you could even consider protecting yourself against them. However, when they become overpopulated, mosquitoes can make going outside unbearable.

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Does Wearing A Face Mask Protect Against Mosquitoes

The short answer is no. A face mask wouldn’t protect against mosquitoes, as they are not precisely airborne in the way a mask would be effective. Mosquitoes need a place to land on you. They can stab through your clothing to breach your skin easily. The only instance where a face mask would be helpful in the wheelhouse of mosquito prevention is to protect you from a chemical spray.

Our team, however, uses different ways to kill mosquitoes than harsh chemicals, so protecting yourself against such chemicals wouldn’t be needed. There are many ways to get rid of mosquitoes that don’t involve chemicals, but these DIY methods are hardly ever effective. The best way to control mosquitoes is to implement a system by calling a professional team.

Why Mosquitoes Around Your Home Is A Big Problem

Of the 3,000 different types of mosquitoes, there are only around 170 in the States. However, their numbers are vast and constantly growing. Since mosquitoes are short-lived, only around a week to under a month, how many eggs they produce can be alarming to keep their numbers thriving.

If you live near a pond or some form of standing water, you might find that your mosquito problem is more prevalent than most. Mosquitoes require stagnant water as part of their lifecycle to lay and house their eggs. If you want to keep the mosquito population down around your home, one of the first things you can do yourself is eliminate any standing water near your home.

How Mosquitoes Spread Malaria & Other Dangerous Diseases 

Do you know what kind of diseases mosquitoes can carry? Do you know how they are spread? Female mosquitoes fly from person to person, in some cases from animal to person, sucking their blood as a source of nuisance for their eggs. Upon doing so, they can pick up different pathogens and diseases and spread them around. Conditions such as the following are possible:

  • West Nile virus
  • Zika virus
  • Heartworms
  • Chikungunya virus
  • Malaria
  • Yellow fever

The list can be quite extensive, and if you are not careful, you could contract something through a mosquito bite too. This is why you shouldn’t let the mosquito population run rampant around your home for your safety.

How Do You Control The Mosquito Population In Your Back Yard?

The best way to control mosquitoes effectively, no matter the different types of mosquitoes in your yard, is to call in a professional team. Our team at EnSec Of Florida has been helping people with their pest problems since 1997. You can count on our talented techs, and the 100 years of combined experience our team leaders can provide to solve your problem. 

At EnSec Of Florida, our goal is your satisfaction through targeted pest control. We use green methods to ensure that your home is safe and the environment around the target area. Reach out to us at EnSec Of Florida when you’re ready to envision a world without mosquitoes localized around your home!