Ticks In Pensacola: Keeping Them Out Of Your Pensacola Yard

ticks biting skin

Ticks are rather disgusting pests. They are parasitic, which means that they need the blood of other animals to survive. They use mammals as hosts, which means they can spread many illnesses, and some of these diseases can be quite serious.  There are a variety of ticks in Pensacola, but some of the most common are American dog ticks, black-legged ticks, and lone star ticks. In this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about ticks in Pensacola, including how to prevent ticks and keep them out of your yard.

What Does A Tick Bite Look Like In Pensacola?

When a tick bites a host, they embed their head into the skin and consume the blood below the surface. They start to become engorged, and once they are full, they drop off from the host until they need to feed again. If you see a tick on your body, this is the most obvious sign that a tick has bitten you. But, people often don’t notice the actual tick. 

Overall, it can be difficult to tell at first if a tick has bitten you because the bites can look different depending on your reaction. One of the tell-tale signs of a tick bite is a bullseye rash, but this usually only shows up if the tick has transmitted Lyme disease. 

If you’ve been somewhere known to have ticks and noticed a bite on your body, it’s a good idea to reach out to a medical professional for more advice and assistance.

What Diseases Can Ticks In Pensacola Transmit?

Not all tick bites are going to lead to illness. Most tick bites aren’t going to make you sick at all. But, there is still a risk. It’s best to avoid being bitten because there are many tick-borne illnesses. These include Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Heartland virus, babesiosis, and much more.

Some ticks in Pensacola are also more likely to bite people than others as some ticks prefer certain kinds of animal hosts over people. The dog tick, for example, often uses dogs as hosts but can and still does bite humans. Then, there’s the black-legged tick known for transmitting Lyme disease and often bites humans and other large mammals.

How Long Do Ticks In Pensacola Live?

The life cycle of a tick can vary somewhat from species to species. Most ticks only live around six months, but they are relatively hardy even though they don’t have very long lifespans. Ticks can live for long periods without eating. This means they can survive around your property or inside your house, and some ticks can even survive underwater.

Along with bringing in ticks yourself, pets and even pest problems can attract ticks if you spend time outdoors. Rodents, raccoons, and even reptiles can have ticks on them and bring them to your property.

Is There A Permanent Solution For Ticks On My Pensacola Property?

When you're spending time outdoors, avoid being bitten by ticks by wearing long sleeve clothing and staying on trails to avoid brush, shrubs, and long grasses where ticks lay in wait. But, if you are looking to keep ticks away from your property, the best thing to do is contact the tick control experts at EnSec Of Florida. We provide ongoing pest control plans that address ticks and the other pests that attract them. Just contact us today to learn more about pest control options and get started.