What To Do About The Snakes Around Your Pensacola Yard

Curled up rat snake

We have no shortage of pests here in Pensacola, and snakes are one pest that can invoke fear in many people. Seeing a snake in your home or yard is scary, and your instincts may kick in, tempting you to kill it or try to remove it on your own. We recommend that you take precautions and never attempt snake removal or extermination alone. Most snake bites come from people trying to catch or kill them.

Snake control is never a DIY job, primarily because identification can be difficult, and there are several venomous species in Pensacola. If you notice a large number of snakes in your yard or some you think might be dangerous, it is time to seek the help of a Pensacola pest control company that provides snake control services. 

We’ll review some signs of snakes you can keep an eye out for and provide some answers on how to control snakes in your yard naturally. We’ll also explain why specialized pest control for snake removal is the safest option for a snake problem in your yard.

Seven Signs Of Snakes Around Your Home

Snakes are often secretive and try to keep out of sight. Here are seven signs that you might need pest control for snakes that are living around your home:

  1. Shed snakeskins are a clear sign of snakes on your property.
  2. Holes in your lawn may indicate snakes.
  3. You may see snake tracks in the dust or dirt from their slithering.
  4. Some snakes emit a foul-smelling odor when they feel threatened. Smelling something strange in enclosed spaces, such as a shed in your yard, could mean snakes are around.
  5. You may notice snake droppings that contain remnants of the animals they have eaten that are not digestible, such as bone and hair.
  6. A lack of rodents on your property can suggest that snakes may be around.
  7. Unexpected noises in your home may indicate a snake is present. 

If you spot potential signs in your yard and think you need snake control, contacting a professional company that deals with snake pest control near you is critical.

Things That Attract Snakes To Your Yard

When people wonder how to control snakes in their yards, the simplest answer is limiting what attracts them. The primary reason you find snakes hanging around your property is a large population of prey for them to eat. For example, an infestation of rodents may lure snakes to your yard. 

Working with a company that provides snake pest control near you can help you determine what is attracting snakes to your property. Snake control experts that inspect properties can point out factors that entice snakes that homeowners might not consider, such as broken gutters, firewood containers, or ventilation systems that may provide shelter.

Five Natural Ways To Deter Snakes From Your Yard

If you want to know how to control snakes in your yard naturally, here are five tips for snake control that you may not have considered:

  1. Removing bird feeders can help keep snakes off of your property. Birds are messy eaters, and the food that falls to the ground will attract rodents; the rodents then attract snakes.
  2. Avoid feeding pets outdoors. Pet food attracts rodents, and again, snakes are soon to follow. If you must feed pets outdoors, clean any remaining food from the area and store food securely in a metal can.
  3. Keep trees and shrubs on your property well-trimmed away from the house and garage. Pick up branches and debris around your yard that may provide hiding places for snakes.
  4. Don’t overwater your lawn. Too much water will attract worms, slugs, and frogs, which then attract snakes.
  5. Certain landscaping elements, such as water gardens and koi ponds, may attract snakes, and mulch or large rocks may provide places for them to hide. 

Companies that provide snake control services can supply you with even more tips to keep snakes away.

The Safe And Effective Way To Get Rid Of Snakes

The safest and most effective way to get rid of snakes on your property is to team up with a pest control company that also provides home snake control services. At Ensec of Florida, our service team members can provide pest control for snake removal and can help you find even more ways to prevent them on your property. If you have been searching for pest control for snakes, we are here to help. Contact Ensec to request your free estimate today.