How To Identify And Remove Ants From Your Home In Mobile

Pharoah ants infestation

Ants are social insects that form large colonies and work in teams or castes to locate food, defend the nest, and reproduce. Ants have bodies with three primary segments, six legs, and antennae.

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Gross! What Kind Of Ant Is This?

Various types of ants commonly invade homes in this region, such as:

  • Crazy ants: Aptly named for their odd and unpredictable behavior, crazy ants appear in dark brown and black shades. Crazy ants have a small body that rarely exceeds 1/8 of an inch in length, which allows them to enter structures through tiny openings.
  • Pavement ants: Although they generally nest in outdoor areas such as underground near sidewalks and driveways, pavement ants will also find their way indoors. They have a brown or black body that is only about 1/8 of an inch in length and will sting humans if they feel endangered.
  • Pharaoh ants: Only measuring approximately 2 millimeters, pharaoh ants are difficult to see clearly with the naked eye. These ants have a yellow, tan, or brown body and may form very large colonies, which makes them difficult to eradicate completely.
  • Fire ants:Appearing in shades of red or brown, fire ants may deliver a venomous sting that often results in pain, redness, and irritation. Fire ants eat a wide variety of foods ranging from seeds and plant material to creatures such as worms, spiders, and ticks. Since this ant can be so dangerous fire ant control is important in Mobile.
  • Argentine ants: As the name implies, Argentine ants are native to South America. The species behave aggressively toward other similar creatures and appear as either brown or black.

While you can find other species in Mobile, the aforementioned types are among the most prevalent.

The Problems Indoor Ants Can Cause In Your Home

When many people think of ants, they reflect on how ants commonly become a nuisance that invades barbeques, picnics, and similar outdoor activities where food is present. Ants may create a host of additional problems, particularly when they enter your home. While the majority of ants pose minimal risks to human health, some types will behave aggressively when they feel threatened and might bite or sting.

Ants routinely navigate through unsanitary conditions such as trash and may have exposure to parasites and many germs. As these creatures move about indoors, they can spread their germs to surfaces and may contaminate food.

Property owners must remember that once a few ants enter the premises and locate sources of food or shelter, large numbers of others will likely follow closely behind. Ants and many other social insects will leave a “trail” of pheromones once they find resources that signal to others in the colony. This communication means that rather small ant intrusions can quickly progress into massive infestations.

The Best Ant Killer Options For DIY Pest Control

Are you wondering how to prevent ants in kitchens and other interior areas of your home? Many online retailers and local stores market ant control products in forms such as sprays, traps, and granular formulas, which usually have disappointing results. Contacting a local pest exterminator is a better course of action.

Let The Professionals Handle Ant Infestations For You

At EnSec of Alabama, our licensed team of local experts knows how to control ants in homes, yard areas, and other locations. We will perform a meticulous property inspection to identify nesting sites, points of entry, and other critical factors. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.