Answering Some Of Pensacola's Most Commonly Asked Mosquito Questions

Asian tiger mosquito biting

Few insects can ruin a good night’s sleep faster than mosquitoes. Unfortunately, not only are they very common in Florida, many of them can also transmit dangerous diseases. If these buzzing pests are disrupting the peace in your Pensacola home, now is the time to learn the answers to important questions including whether or not they can reproduce without stagnant water, if salt can exterminate mosquito larvae, and what mosquito eggs look like. If you are struggling with a mosquito population, EnSec Pest & Lawn provides pest control in Pensacola you can rely on.

Can Mosquitoes Reproduce Without Stagnant Water?

Many people know that mosquitoes reproduce by laying their eggs in water, which is why homeowners will often try to eliminate sources of stagnant water to help prevent an infestation. However, it is often not enough, for the simple reason that while mosquitoes do need stagnant water in order to reproduce, they need very little of it, with a simple tablespoon sometimes being enough. If mosquitoes are multiplying seemingly out of nowhere, it is crucial that you inspect your property for hidden or very small sources of stagnant water they might use as breeding grounds. For instance, a simple leak from a garden hose or a slightly damaged rain gutter could provide the perfect conditions for mosquito eggs to grow into fully formed adults. And if you’ve considered using additives to the water, the following shows that some are more effective than others.

Can Salt Kill Mosquito Larvae?

While it can seem attractive to use salt as one of the many natural remedies for mosquitoes out there, it is unfortunately pretty ineffective. You might be more successful by using oil or soap, however, the results are highly dependent on types, quantities, and how you are using them. Because mosquitoes reproduce very quickly and exponentially, any time wasted on ineffective products will only cause the infestation to grow bigger. A professional pest control technician can help you select products that fit your needs to put an end to your mosquito problem as soon as possible. If you believe that there are mosquito larvae on your Pensacola property, read on to learn how to identify them.

What Do Mosquito Eggs Look Like?

Do you think that your property has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes? If so, you will want to learn to identify mosquito eggs, which have the following characteristics:

  • Mosquito eggs start out white, but become dark very quickly.
  • Mosquito eggs are laid on the surface of stagnant water, and are either grouped together or laid separately.
  • Mosquito eggs can be found even in the tiniest containers.
  • Mosquito eggs are resilient and can hatch later than planned if the conditions are not right initially.

If you find mosquito eggs on your property, there is no time to waste, as they will soon turn into adults which will lay their own eggs soon after. Our team of experts is here to show you how to treat standing water for mosquitoes in Pensacola safely and effectively.

Mosquito Services In Pensacola

With an insect that reproduces as prolifically as the mosquito, the best way to get rid of mosquitoes is to reach out to a professional pest control company. At EnSec Pest & Lawn, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to eliminate your infestation at the source while also preventing it from coming back. We can answer all of your questions from the best products to keep mosquitoes away to natural ways to repel mosquitoes that work.

Mosquitoes can be quick to ruin your outdoors plans as well as your sleep quality. Do not let your infestation grow out of control, especially since many types of mosquitoes in Florida can transmit dangerous diseases. Contact us today to schedule your home inspection and make painful bites a thing of the past.