Keep Your Mobile Home Termite-Free

termite crawling in damaged wood

Insects and creatures that attack wood, such as termites, can make your Mobile, AL home uninhabitable. Owners have had to ultimately relocate or be temporarily displaced following an infestation. These critters are often successful in their endeavors because they operate out of sight. Generally, they’ll stay hidden in soil or inside of walls.

When termites in Mobile get busy, the ground receives restoring nutrients that help trees and plants develop. These pests have garnered the respect of some cultures worldwide, as they are treated like an edible delicacy. While they might benefit the earth and the human stomach, they aren’t beneficial to our properties. Termite prevention and recovery annually cost five billion dollars in America, with no assistance from insurance companies. Find out how you can avoid these bugs and how EnSec can lend a hand. 

How Do Termites Function? What Are Infestation Signs?

Termite colonies have workers, soldiers, and swarmers. This is the same for all subspecies, but their looks vary. Most workers you’ll encounter locally are white or grayish-white and 0.12 of an inch long roughly. As they chip away at wood, yellow-brown soldiers will be vigilant in protecting them with their gargantuan mandibles and rectangular heads. The winged swarmers are yellow-brown, or black, and ½ of an inch long. These bugs will buzz off to assemble a new colony during mating season or if a nest is completely occupied. Keep your eyes on your windows and lamp fixtures because they love light. One sighting verifies an infestation. Other markers are:

  • Off-color drywall that is baggy
  • Mud tubes, maze patterns, and needle-point holes in walls
  • Loosened tiles and abating floorboards
  • Noticing that paint is bloating, peeling, and appears water damaged
  • Finding stacks of fecal frass resembling salt and pepper
  • Hollow sounding foundations  
  • Discovering the scaly shed wings of swarmers

How Can Termites Be Prevented? Will “Do It Yourself” Termite Tricks Work?

Many people try to expose wood to sunlight to deter or kill termites. If that doesn’t work, they might apply orange oil, boric acid, or vinegar. Retail baits and liquids are commonly used as well. Though these items can provide some relief, they will be minimal and temporary. The infestation won’t stop; groups of bugs will die here and there. A few termite classes won’t be fazed at all by treatments. You may not have the expertise to accurately identify a subtype and choose an avenue of elimination, but the professionals would.

Another thing to remember is that self-made mixtures and store goods can be hazardous. Besides that, the printed directions may be too complicated to understand. If you mishandle a product by accident, the chemical outcomes are potentially dangerous. Your problems with termites might get worse too. Results on the surface aren’t acceptable as these critters have large populations and travel wide. The most effective independent steps are:

  • Removing or refurbishing damaged or decaying wood.
  • Promptly fixing moisture hitches, especially those wetting wood.  
  • Making sure that loose wood, like carpentry panels, doesn’t touch the soil.  
  • Patching up holes in foundations and utility lines.
  • Sitting wood and greenery two feet from the property.
  • Having annual inspections by EnSec.

What Can EnSec Do About Termites? 

By trusting us at EnSec to tackle your termite issues, you’ll be saving time and money. We have industrial-grade termite control solutions that are safe and reliable. Our team will employ Sentricon® System with HD Always Active™ and or aboveground baits. These tools are designed to thwart termite growth and eliminate colonies. Follow-up visits, warranties, and Wood Destroying Insect Reports (WDIR) are available. You’ll receive a free estimate when you contact us today!