Stay Ahead Of Rats In Pensacola With These Prevention Tips

norway rat inside a home

Pensacola home and business owners shouldn’t be indifferent about pest remediation; insects and creatures can literally destroy buildings and belongings. They can also injure people and bring about sickness. All of this applies to rats.

Rats are a formidable foe. They’re able to get indoors easily, and they speedily procreate in large numbers. After they’ve penetrated, eliminating them won’t be quick or straightforward, so focusing on prevention is the key. Vermin stay around humans because they need us for water, food, and warmth. You don’t have to tolerate their presence, however. Learn how you can avoid rats and what EnSec can do to intervene.

What Rats Are Common in Pensacola? What Are the Hazards?

Norway and roof rats are among the prevalent rodent species in the area. Norway rats are nerve-racking, as they are a huge 15 inches long. Their tails are 7 inches. Brown, gray, or black fur covers them. To provide themselves with shelter and a way to enter your place, they’ll create tunnels and burrows in the soil. Your yard and landscaping will be a muddled mess.

Roof rats are close to the same size as their Norway counterparts. These vermin have brown or black hairs, pointed noses, big eyes and ears, and scaly tails. Accessing your roof isn’t difficult for them because they’ll sprint across power lines, overhanging tree branches, and the like.

Forming a defense against rats is imperative in any case, but especially if your domicile or establishment is in the realm of a wooded or grassy zone. These pests are dominant in such locations. Additionally, your spot will be targeted if the lawn isn’t neat or the foundations are brittle. Keep in mind they can get beyond gaps just ½ of an inch in diameter. Cracks are often in the structure, shingles, vents, and utilities. You’ll likely see these creatures in dark and damp spaces—for instance, garages, attics, and basements. 

Primary infestation signals are: 

  • Finding droppings
  • Noticing gnaw marks on cables, walls, and furniture
  • Seeing oily rub stains on corners and walls  
  • Discovering burrows in the ground  
  • Having daytime sightings of these nocturnal animals

Rats will chew various things on your property because they need to hack down their emerging teeth. When they go after foundations, wires, and pipes, major catastrophes can happen. Cosmetic damages, electrical shortages and fires, and plumbing predicaments have the potential to occur. Regarding health, the contamination of food and surfaces will be one of the main concerns. Salmonella, trichinosis, and hantavirus are some of the conditions rats are associated with. They have parasites and microbes in their coats. Bacteria lie in their feces, urine, and saliva as well.  

How Can Pensacola Rats Be Prevented? 

Again, sustaining preventative protocols is the best way to dodge rats. Otherwise, you’ll have a fierce battle in front of you. These pests are too much of a challenge post-invasion. Prevention measures circle around thorough cleaning patterns and exterior care:

  • Lessen clutter and maintain clean storage quarters.
  • Use canisters with secure lids for food and trash storage.
  • Close up openings in foundations, vents, and utilities with steel wool. Rats can bite through rubber and plastic.
  • Have leaks, and moisture dysfunctions fixed right away.
  • Place plants and woodpiles two feet away from the property.  
  • Get rid of organic debris in the yard.
  • Trim grass and greenery on a routine basis.
  • Flush out vents and gutters regularly.

What Can EnSec Do About Pensacola Rats?

You’ll have short-term results if you use commercial traps and pesticides to deal with rats. They have to be strategically located, and it’s a task reaching vermin nests. The expert staff at EnSec will employ industrial-grade home pest control treatments that are safe and wide-ranging. Get your free estimate when you call today!