Termite Season In Mobile: What You Need To Know

termites crawling in and chewing wood

Every April, homeowners risk finding themselves caught in the midst of more seasons than just spring. The termite, Mobile’s infamous wood-destroying pest, is active all throughout the year, but as Alabama grows warmer, termite swarmers — the queens of future colonies and their mates — set their sights on leaving the nest to find a new home. This flight of the swarmers marks the beginning of termite season — and the start of a terrible infestation in your home.

The Extent Of Termite Damage On A Mobile Property

Termite damage can be a serious problem. If left to their own devices, a colony of worker termites will devastate the integrity of a man-made structure, even to the point that a building is unable to stand and must be brought to the ground. Granted, absolute destruction takes years to reach. Even so, the damage caused by termite activity costs American homeowners billions of dollars every year.

Unlike most insects and even most animals, termites don’t take a season off to hibernate or even relax during the coldest of winter months. They are active all year, they do not sleep, and they nibble on wood constantly until they decide to move on to the next board. It may take a while for worker termites to make your Mobile home unlivable, but that doesn’t mean you should refrain from taking immediate action against wood-destroying bugs.

Tips For Preventing Termite Invaders

If you want to stop a colony of termites before they can establish a nest, your best bet is to make your Mobile property inhospitable to swarmers. If you fear you might be too late, you need to take preventive measures against termites right away to limit further exposure in your home. Either way, EnSec Pest & Lawn has the DIY tips you need:

  • Want to make your Mobile home unattractive to termite swarmers looking for a home of their own? Every living thing needs water to survive, so limiting and reducing sources of extraneous moisture is a must. Fix leaky faucets, pipes, and the like to keep thirsty termites outside.
  • But don’t stop there! Just because termites are outdoors doesn’t mean they can’t still be attracted to random sources of moisture. Use gutters and splash blocks to divert any and all rainfall away from the base of your home, where termites already like to dig.
  • Need to go one step even further? Termites are often subterranean creatures, so any line of lumber sitting on or under the ground is an automatic target for the pests. Don’t let the soil around your home come within a foot of exposed wood panels or boards.
  • While you’re down at your house’s foundation, keep an eye out for signs of suspicious activity. Replace loose mortar immediately to improve your defenses and even out land as needed to avoid creating mud puddles that termites can use for mud tubes.

Making your Mobile property less hospitable is an effective strategy for lessening the potential impact of termites, but it’s far from the only thing you should do. For homeowners who want to rid themselves completely of pests, there is no better option than the professional assistance available at EnSec Pest & Lawn. Reach out now to see how our pest specialists can help you.