How To Keep Yourself Safe From The Mosquitoes In Pensacola

mosquitoes biting skin in the evening sunset

Did you know that mosquitoes exist in thousands of various species today and pose very substantial health risks? Mosquitoes often invade picnics, barbeques, and other outdoor gatherings and become quite bothersome.  Mosquitoes are airborne pests that commonly measure ¼ of an inch in length, have long legs, and flourish during the hot and humid months.

Male and female mosquitoes consume nectar; however, the females also land on and drink the blood of humans and animals, which provides them the protein required for egg production. They are particularly active during the periods of dawn and dusk and tend to hide in shaded areas such as thick vegetation to avoid direct sunlight.

Many people that notice an exorbitant number of these pests in the vicinity of their home mistakenly assume that no viable options exist for expelling mosquitoes from outdoor areas. Professionals that provide pest control In Pensacola have treatment options available and know what attracts mosquitoes to your yard and how to eradicate mosquitoes.

How Mosquitoes Sniff Out Human Sweat To Find Us

Studies have revealed that mosquitoes will detect the presence of humans because of the heat, perspiration, and carbon dioxide that we emit. Other research has indicated that those with type O blood, pregnant women, and people that have recently consumed alcoholic beverages draw mosquitoes in particular.

Mosquito Bite Symptoms And Treatment

When a female mosquito lands on a human, they use a mouthpart called a proboscis to pierce the skin. The human body typically reacts to the saliva of the mosquito and develops a bump that is itchy and red. Some children and people with weakened immune systems experience more severe symptoms, such as a mild fever and hives.

CDC guidelines recommend thoroughly washing the affected area of skin with soap and water and applying an ice pack as needed. If the site is very itchy, consider using an over-the-counter cream as directed.

The Best Way To Repel Mosquitoes In Pensacola

Are you wondering what to use to keep mosquitoes away? Mosquitoes are generally most prevalent near areas of standing water, as the females lay their eggs in pools of water. Property owners should remove any objects or containers that may hold water, including birdbaths, flowerpots, old tires, etc. Other best practices include keeping gutter systems clear and promptly fixing leaky spigots or hoses.

People planning to participate in an outdoor activity during the warmest months of the year should avoid the times of sunrise and sunset when these pests are most active.

Pensacola Mosquito Control Programs

The team of local specialists with EnSec of Florida has the training and tools needed to reduce the mosquito population in your yard area effectively. We now offer customers our Mosquito Management Program, which is an ongoing plan that includes monthly treatment visits. Our team members can apply a larvicide to areas of standing water that will prevent any mosquito eggs from developing.

We often provide one-time services for customers with an upcoming outdoor event such as a wedding or party. This service is a viable, temporary option that your guests will certainly appreciate.

In addition to mosquitoes, the professionals with EnSec of Florida can eradicate ants, rodents, bed bugs, and a host of other irritating and potentially harmful pests that you might encounter with our effective home pest control services. While we are focused on both efficiency and effectiveness, our organization is equally committed to protecting the health of our customers, their pets, and the local environment that we share. For this reason, our company uses many of the latest options that have been endorsed or recommended as a “green solution” by industry leaders, including the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and many others.

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