The Bed Bugs In Pensacola Can Be Hard To Get Out Of Offices

a bed bug on fibers

Traditionally, Pensacola is a laid-back kind of town that operates on “southern” time. With that kind of reputation, downtown Pensacola may surprise you. A quick stroll down Palafox reveals a business community that is alive and thriving. A parasite that thrives within the business community is the well-known bed bug. Yep, you heard it right; bed bugs in Pensacola infest businesses as well as homes. When they set up shop within companies, they cause severe headaches for employers and employees alike.

What To Do If You Find Bed Bugs In Your Pensacola Office

If you discover bed bugs in your business, call in the professionals! With 76% of pest professionals agreeing that bed bug control is one of the most challenging pests to remove, this complicated job needs to be handled by EnSec of Florida. We are a pest control company that offers eco-friendly treatments that are lethal to bed bugs but not to the people inside your business. Treatments will reach areas (inside walls) where traditional management won’t get, and one treatment will eliminate your infestation.

Why Do Bed Bugs In Pensacola Come Back?

Bed bugs don’t get their “king of the hitchhiker” name for no reason. The fact that they can hitch a ride onto something that can then carry them into buildings makes bed bugs a problem that can reoccur repeatedly. Bed bugs in an employee’s home can catch a ride into a business. Workers who use public transportation for travel pick up bed bugs and bring them to work when they get back. Even customers going in and out of your business can transport bed bugs.

Six items bed bugs like to hitch a ride on include:

  1. Laptop cases
  2. Purses
  3. Briefcases
  4. Backpacks
  5. Purses
  6. Boxes

While professional companies such as EnSec of Florida may come in, inspect, and eradicate these pesky critters, the fact is that they may come back. The mere fact that your doors are open to the general population invites bed bugs.

Effective Bed Bug Prevention Tips For Pensacola Office Spaces

Since bed bugs can cause physical problems for your employees (not to mention a distraction from working), businesses need to take steps to prevent them from becoming a problem in the workplace. Companies are not without recourse when attempting to stop bed bug infestations, but vigilance is crucial.

Six ways businesses can place preventative measures to work to prevent a bed bug infestation in their building include:

  1. Keep clutter to a minimum (especially storage areas).
  2. When receiving and unpacking shipments to your facility, carefully inspect items for signs of bed bugs.
  3. Daily vacuum and clean (public bathrooms, kitchens, lobbies, hallways, storefronts).
  4. Regularly check upholstery and furniture seams for brownish/reddish stains.
  5. Routinely check surge protectors and electrical sockets (favored hiding spots).
  6. Check picture frames hanging in the office.

How Professional Bed Bug Treatments Work For Pensacola Properties

Fighting bed bugs requires professional expertise, and EnSec of Florida has 24 years of experience fighting pests. Eliminating bed bugs starts with an inspection; this helps to confirm which pest is plaguing your business. Our pest control company locates entry points and infest areas where bed bugs “hang out” (harborage areas). Our bed bug control methods target your specific problem. Follow-up visits may be necessary since bed bugs can arrive at any time and from any location. Annual services include quarterly service visits that provide year-round prevention and protection. Send these hitchhikers packing by calling EnSec of Florida today!