What Smells Do Pensacola Mosquitoes Hate?

mosquito biting skin

Everyone is always looking for little life hacks that save you money and help you avoid nasty problems. Unfortunately, when it comes to pest control, there is a whole lot of misinformation out there. People will claim that some homemade remedy is 100% effective at eliminating or preventing some invasive critter, with no real track record to point to. That’s why every property owner needs to learn the right way to prevent infestations, especially when these tips can save you from potential disease-carriers like mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes: Common Parasites

Considered the most dangerous pests in the world, mosquitoes have plagued human beings for thousands of years. While their name translates to “little fly,” they come in all shapes and sizes. Thanks to our warm, tropical climate, parasites like mosquitoes can thrive all year long. For most, this means annoying buzzing pests that constantly land on you. For others, this can mean contracting dangerous illnesses. Mosquitoes are so hazardous because, as parasites, they are uniquely able to spread diseases. Blood-borne pathogens can be carried from one person to the next via a feeding mosquito, which is why containing their populations and tracking the spread of diseases is such an important public health concern. Because of these stark realities, it’s only natural for property owners to try and find ways to ward off these dangerous parasites. The trick is being able to separate what’s been proven from what is simply a fad.

The Essential Oils Debate

The fad that comes to mind around pest control is the trend toward essential oils. They are typically solutions created from natural ingredients, seeking to bypass potentially toxic treatments for safer, organic methods. It’s undeniably good to want to avoid store-bought or over-the-counter sprays that may cause nasty side effects. The problem with essential oils is that most have a spotty track record at best. With online marketplaces and influencers trying to get people to buy into certain industries, you will find an endless supply of so-called trials that prove one thing works better than all the rest. Instead, turn directly to pest experts who can help you separate fact from fiction.

What Actually Works?

With so much debate around essential oils, even government agencies and universities have gotten in on the research. It’s these tested sources that you should listen to most because those are the ones that influence how pest professionals adapt their models to cheaper, safer, and more effective solutions. So, when looking into any essential oils, bear in mind that thorough research from reputable sources is required. That said, here are some general things to keep in mind:

  • Effectiveness vs. Appearances: The most basic thing to understand about pest control is that the surface problems you see typically only account for a fraction of the real problem. True solutions address the root of pest infestations, preventing future outbreaks or resurgences.
  • Dilution: While some essential oils, like citronella extracts, eucalyptus oil, and thyme oil, have been shown to ward off parasitic pests, the trick is being able to find the right mixture. Too much water and a spray can be useless, not enough and it can simply be a waste of the often costly components.
  • Vinegar: This age-old wive’s tale refuses to go away. While it can be useful as a cleaning agent, vinegar has not been proven effective for pest control.

True Protection From EnSec Pest & Lawn

The best way to make sure you’re getting the right advice is to turn to the people who spend their whole lives learning about pests. At EnSec Pest & Lawn, our trained experts are eager to give you advice on how best to prevent and contain pest populations on your property. When it comes to mosquitoes and the dangers they pose, we take our responsibility seriously. We can get started immediately on an inspection of your property, checking for pests or things that attract them. We’ll not only help you improve the prevention you can do on your own, we offer safe and effective treatments for your lawn that work. Instead of taking a chance on essential oils hawked as fool-proof solutions, trust the experience of real professionals. Contact EnSec Pest & Lawn to get started today.