The Ins And Outs Of Lawn Care In Pensacola

lawn landscaping in a backyard

The exterior yard areas around your home should represent a source of beauty and relaxation. Unfortunately, many busy property owners neglect their yards, which results in an unappealing appearance. Others will spend considerable amounts of time maintaining their lawn but lack the knowledge and experience necessary; therefore, the outcomes often fall short of the expectations. Either way, having treatment performed by a professional lawn care specialist is a much better option for ensuring that your yard is healthy.

Are you a local homeowner that needs professionally maintained lawn services in Pensacola? A professional Pensacola lawn care company understands the best ways of preventing weeds, pests, and other factors that adversely affect these sensitive exterior environments. Local property owners should find a lawn care service provider who maintains a properly trained staff of experts to get the job done correctly.

Does Regular Mowing Promote Grass Health?

Regularly mowing your lawn is an important practice that encourages greater density, may deepen roots, and helps control many broadleaf weeds. Depending on the grass, climate, rainfall, and other factors, proper mowing height is also very important.

A report from Alabama A&M University explained that most turfgrass species that spread horizontally, such as bermudagrass, remain healthier when mowed to a lower height. Distressed turfgrasses struggling with drought, excessive heat, or insufficient sunlight often benefit from remaining at a taller height.

Keep in mind that mowing represents a single maintenance function that should remain part of a more comprehensive lawn care plan. A properly executed lawn care strategy may help develop healthy grass that will limit soil erosion, filter pollutants, and increase oxygen levels. Some other maintenance activities may include fertilizing, watering, pest control measures, and more.

The Pros & Cons Of Hiring A Professional Lawn Mowing Service

Are you wondering why seeking assistance from a professional residential lawn mowing service is a recommended course of action? The trained staff employed by a professional service provider will detect and diagnose problems and maintain the products and tools needed for addressing concerns such as grub control and types of disease.

The professionals also maintain knowledge regarding critical environmental concerns. For example, a professional understands the best fertilizer application methods for ensuring proper absorption into the soil and limiting runoff and will also avoid working with and safely storing potentially volatile chemicals.

Three Simple Reasons You Should Stay On Top Of Manicuring The Lawn

Like many things found throughout your property, lawns require care and maintenance. Consider the following three reasons why consistent lawn care is essential:

  • Regularly inspecting and maintaining your lawn allows for earlier detection of problems; therefore, minor concerns are much less likely to develop into significant damages that require costly remedial measures.
  • Data suggests that a healthy lawn will improve the air quality through photosynthesis. Healthy soil also promotes the production of oxygen that benefits plants, trees, and further growth in your yard. 
  • Regular lawn manicuring will typically result in a more appealing yard environment in which you will take pride.

Many homeowners who try do-it-yourself home treatment options struggle with achieving positive results. Common problems include using the wrong products, applying insufficient or excessive amounts of products, and failing to recognize the presence of harmful insects or signs of turf disease.

Affordable Lawn Mowing & Lawn Care Services In Pensacola

EnSec Pest & Lawn remains a premier lawn service provider, using many of the latest products and lawn service equipment. We developed our Healthy Lawn Program that ensures your lawn looks great. This program involves regular treatment visits from our experts that include seasonal treatments, obtaining soil samples, applying fertilizer, pre-emergent weed control, and much more. Contact our office today for a consultation.