Pest Spotlight: How To Tackle A Fire Ant Infestation In Mobile

fire ants swarming

Have you ever been bitten and stung by fire ants? These pests do not mess around. When they want to scare a potential threat away from their nest, they attack, holding nothing back. One big problem with these ants is that they take over huge sections of lawns in our area and restrict residents from enjoying their properties. We are here today to help you avoid this problem in your yard. This is what you should know about fire ants in Mobile and what it takes to control these pests on your property. Call EnSec Pest & Lawn now if you want direct help with pest problems. We offer great options for pest control in Mobile and will pay you a visit to help you address pest-related issues you are facing around your yard.

Can Fire Ants Be Found In Mobile?

Fire ants are warm weather pests. They are not found in most northern states due to their inability to survive through snowy winters. Keeping in mind that we live in Mobile, Alabama where snow is rare and beach weather extends into October, fire ants have no trouble surviving and thriving. You are most likely to find these pests and their mounds around the sunniest areas of your lawn. These warm dry locations are perfect for these heat-loving pests. If you do not feel comfortable checking around for fire ant hills in your yard, let one of our team members do it for you. We know how to spot these pests and would be happy to help you identify the extent of an infestation on your property. 

The Many Problems Fire Ants Can Cause In Your Home

Before we talk about fire ant treatments in Mobile, we think you should understand the reason these pests are a problem. Let’s start with the obvious. Fire ants are dangerous. These pests are able to bite and sting. More specifically, they use their powerful jaws to latch onto the skin so they can jab their stinger into a person multiple times, even when they run out of venom to inject. This, as you might know, is painful. Fire ant venom specifically causes a mild to moderate burning pain that turns into an irritating ich after a few minutes. If you have an allergy to fire ant venom, you might experience more severe symptoms after an attack, including anaphylactic shock. If you do not understand your risk, we highly recommend talking with your doctor.

The other problem fire ants cause comes with the way they suffocate healthy grass with their large nests. Mobile fire ants build massive dirt nests that sprawl across yards. Even when eliminated, these nests remain an eyesore.

Simple Tips To Prevent Fire Ants On Your Property

There are many things that increase your chances of dealing with a fire ant nest in or around your home. We would like to help you reduce your chances of finding these pests on your property. To start, here are a few simple prevention tips.

  • Make sure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids.
  • Clean trash cans when they get dirty and store them in a secure location.
  • Do not leave cups, plates, or leftover food outside after a gathering.
  • Feed your pets indoors or remove their water and food bowls after they finish a meal.
  • Make sure your home’s exterior is properly sealed and address damage to screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps.
  • Pick up fruits, berries, and other produce that falls into your yard.

For more protection against the terrible fire ants in Mobile, you need professional help. We have many amazing options for pest control at EnSec Pest & Lawn.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Fire Ants Around Your Property

The absolute best way to get rid of red fire ants on your property is with a professional pest control plan courtesy of EnSec Pest & Lawn. Our team understands these local menaces and works hard to provide top-tier services to deal with active infestations. Let us visit your property to assess the condition of your infestation. We will walk you through your options for fire ant control for your Mobile home and find a strategy that meets your need.

Give our team at EnSec Pest & Lawn a call today to learn more about your options for service. We will walk you through our advanced pest control strategies and help you find a treatment time to have your Mobile yard serviced for fire ants.