Pensacola's Complete Guide To Tree & Shrub Care

Pensacola Florida lawn and shrubs

Trees and shrubs are more important for your property than you might realize. While most of us think of trees and shrubs as purely decorative, the truth is that these plants offer an incredible range of benefits, from energy savings to home security. So, whether you’re looking to grow better greenery in your yard or maintain the great landscaping that you’ve got, here’s what you need to know about tree and shrub care in Pensacola.

What Are The Benefits Of Trees & Shrubs?

Growing trees and shrubs can benefit your property tremendously. First and foremost, mature trees can increase property value by an average of 10%. A well-placed tree on the west side of a house can reduce energy costs significantly, naturally cooling the home with its shade. Not to mention, healthy trees prevent soil erosion in the yard and can help reduce water runoff. 

Strategically placed thorny shrubs can be a great deterrent for thieves when placed in front of windows and can provide privacy in busy neighborhoods. Shrubs and bushes can also help air conditioning units to run more efficiently by keeping units cooler. And like mature trees, mature shrubs can help prevent soil erosion.

What Hurts Trees & Shrubs?

While pest insects like caterpillars or termites might seem like the prime suspect for damaged trees and shrubs around the property, many unhealthy trees and shrubs are simply a result of poor landscaping. New trees and shrubs on the property often experience transplanting shock and quickly wilt if the proper soil conditions aren’t achieved. If not planted in the right type of soil or deprived of sufficient moisture, many new trees and shrubs are doomed before they have a chance to develop. And of course, greenery that receives too much or too little light will inevitably experience health problems. 

One of the most avoidable ways we harm trees and shrubs is by overusing herbicides and chemical sprays in the yard. Avoidable damage is also caused by piercing tree bark with nails, screws, or even anchors for dog leashes, and can result in disease and insect infestations. Even good-intentioned landscaping efforts like mulching too close to the trunk can cause trees to suffocate.

The EnSec Solution 

If you want to grow or maintain incredible trees and shrubs on your Pensacola property, the experts at EnSec Of Florida are the solution you need. Our Healthy Landscape Program was specifically designed with customers like you in mind, for a healthier yard and happier home. With comprehensive fertilization, insect control, and disease control, we can help you achieve the landscaping of your dreams. 

Our Healthy Landscape Program consists of:

  • Seven annual treatments with regular feedback and support from our expert technicians.
  • Fertilization treatment to help grow the healthiest, strongest trees and shrubs possible and promote new growth, fruiting, and flowering.
  • Pest control treatment to prevent problem insects from eating and infesting the gorgeous greens in your yard.
  • Disease control treatment to identify and address any health issues with your trees and shrubs.

By providing your trees and shrubs with regular care, you’ll experience plenty of benefits. Fertilization treatment can help young trees and shrubs to establish and grow faster. When properly applied, fertilization can even help older trees recover from disease and damage and return to a healthy state. As trees and shrubs are reinforced by fertilization, they also become more resistant to insect infestations. 

Along with proper lawn care, growing healthy trees and shrubs is essential for adding property value, promoting environmental balance, and improving security and privacy. For the ultimate protection for your investment, contact the pros at EnSec Of Florida for the support you need.