Pensacola Property Owners' Valuable Guide To Broadleaf Weed Control

dandelion weeds in the lawn

If you’re someone who is trying to keep your yard in Pensacola, Florida looking beautiful, you know that weeds are always a big problem. Anybody who has ever done any gardening or landscaping knows that trying to keep weeds at bay can feel like a constant battle that you never completely win.

There are many common garden and lawn weeds in Florida, but broadleaf weeds are particularly noticeable. Broadleaf weeds are pretty much what their name describes as they are plants that have flat leaves that extend from the stalk in pairs. While other grassy weeds are also common around yards, broadleaf weeds can be identified because of the net-like veins that run throughout the leaves, and they also often have pretty flowers to try and look less like an unwelcome invader.

Broadleaf Weeds in Pensacola

While there are many of these weeds found in the area, this guide will go over a few of the most common varieties and how to spot them:

  • Dollarweed: This plant has round, bright green leaves that look like small lily pads.
  • Clover weeds: Known for producing small, white flowers, clover weeds have three leaflets with serrated edges.
  • Virginia buttonweed: This is one of the more invasive weeds throughout the southern part of the country. They have four, small white flowers and leaves in the shape of lances, and the leaves are purple in the spring and summer.
  • Dandelions: This weed is one of the most well-known because of its large, yellow flowers that turn into cotton-like seed puffs.
  • Beggarweed: This plant has groups of three leaflets with fine, hair-like structures. They have a purple flower that can grow up to nine feet tall.

What Is The Problem With Broadleaf Weeds?

Many people wonder if these weeds are dangerous. The truth is that they aren’t dangerous to people or pets. They aren’t going to harm your health, but they can be dangerous to your yard.

These weeds can quickly grow out of control and become invasive, and they can even be parasitic to other plants like grass that you’re trying to get to grow. Some of the more invasive varieties can also steal resources and nutrients in the soil from more desired plants.

Along with risks to the health of your lawn, broadleaf weeds can also make your yard look less beautiful. Some weeds are uglier than others, and some can spread quickly and grow unevenly which ruins the uniform look of most properties.

Can You Remove These Weeds On Your Own?

Unfortunately, these weeds are very difficult to keep out of yards because they produce a ton of seeds. These seeds get blown in by the wind or carried around by wild animals. Most of these plants can grow in many areas and are rather hardy, making them difficult to eradicate.

Because of this, attempts to prevent weeds on your own usually don’t work very well. Many people also try to use over-the-counter sprays to kill weeds, but these can be harmful. They can end up damaging plants you don’t want to damage, and the chemicals can be dangerous to both people and pets if you aren’t using them correctly.

What’s The Best Way To Handle Broadleaf Weeds?

While trying to remove these weeds by yourself can be frustrating and time-consuming, there is one effective way to keep your property looking beautiful and weed-free. The experts at EnSec provide ongoing lawn care services that will prevent and remove any infestations of broadleaf weeds.

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