The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Pensacola Property

close up of mosquito on skin

Everyone enjoys sitting in their backyard with a cold drink when it’s warm outside. Here in Pensacola, our hot, humid weather provides the perfect environment for a wide variety of pests to thrive; among those pests are mosquitoes.

How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are small insects with thin bodies and a single pair of wings. They have a long, piercing mouthpart called a proboscis, which they use to break through the skin and feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Both male and female mosquitoes feed on plant nectar, but female mosquitoes also require the protein found in blood to nourish their eggs. These irritating pests are best known for the itchy red welts they leave behind.

Unfortunately, the problems mosquitoes cause doesn’t stop at peppering your skin with itchy bites and ruining outdoor events. Mosquitoes are just as dangerous as they are annoying. Each year, mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting mosquito-borne diseases to more than 700 million people. And of those infected with a mosquito-borne disease, about a million cases are fatal. Mosquitoes cause more deaths worldwide than snakes, scorpions, and crocodiles combined. Though mosquitoes might not look like a huge threat, they cause serious problems. And serious problems call for effective solutions.

Avoid Attracting Mosquitoes To Your Pensacola Home

Due to the danger mosquitoes present, many Pensacola homeowners make an active effort to prevent mosquitoes from taking over their properties. And one of the most effective ways to reduce the mosquito populations around your property is to remove factors that may attract them in the first place. Avoid attracting mosquitoes to your property by following the mosquito prevention tips listed below.

  • Remove items from your yard that may allow water to accumulate, such as tarps, flowerpots, buckets, and kiddie pools.
  • Trim your hedges and other thick foliage away from your exterior walls.
  • Keep your lawn cut short.
  • Eliminate all sources of still or standing water that mosquitoes need to lay their eggs.
  • Minimize areas of excess moisture by repairing leaky fixtures and dripping pipes.
  • Maintain your gutters and remove debris to prevent water from building up.
  • Install fans around outdoor amenities and recreational areas.

The prevention tips above are a great way to minimize your exposure to mosquitoes. However, there are other options many homeowners try in order to prevent mosquito problems. Unfortunately, mosquito prevention methods such as citronella candles, torches, and certain bug sprays aren’t very effective. The best way to minimize the mosquito populations around your Pensacola property is with professional mosquito control services from EnSec.

Why Professional Mosquito Control From EnSec Is Vital

When it comes to handling mosquito problems, no one does it better than the professionals here at EnSec. We are committed to providing effective solutions to reduce the mosquito populations around your Pensacola property throughout the seasons when mosquitoes are most active. Our Mosquito Management program begins with a free estimate and includes regular service visits.

Each scheduled visit may consist of one or all of the following services:

  • Fogging of all trees and shrubs
  • Removal of standing water sources
  • Larvicide applications to treat areas of standing water
  • Larvicide application to gutters

At EnSec, providing top-tier services is not good enough. To make sure our customers are satisfied and keep coming back, we also offer affordable pricing options and a range of services for them to choose from. No matter what pests are causing trouble for you around your Pensacola property, we proudly offer a solution.

Call us today or reach out through our website to learn more about our affordable home pest control options and schedule your mosquito treatment.