The Key To Keeping Bed Bugs Away From Your Pensacola Property

bed bugs on fabric fibers

Bed bug control can seem like a mixture of chance and magic, but it’s really not as complicated as that. While it can be difficult to prevent bed bugs, there are still methods to contain and prevent infestations that can save you time, money, and anxiety if bed bugs find their way into your home. Keep reading for more on pest control in Pensacola and bed bug health risks, local pest control for bed bugs, and bed bug control techniques for your home.

How To Identify Bed Bugs

Identifying bed bugs is an essential aspect of bed bug control, as these insects are commonly confused with ticks and carpet beetles. Identifying them properly the first time can make prompt treatment more likely.

Bed bugs are reddish-brown apple seed-sized parasitic insects. From the top, they are circular, but from the side, they are nearly flat, much like a tick. They progress through several stages, so someone with bed bugs may also notice eggs the size of a pinhead and nearly translucent nymphs. 

Bed bugs most commonly live in and around upholstered furniture so they can access your skin while you sleep, but they can spread to unlikely areas and hide in places like appliances, in between floorboards, and behind light panels. Their ability to be this widespread is what makes bed bug control companies near you an essential asset to getting rid of an infestation.

Are Bed Bugs Harmful To My Health?

Thankfully, bed bugs don’t carry or transmit diseases. Their bites, however, can become irritating, causing the victim to scratch and break the skin and put themselves at risk of infection.

The greatest risk is the loss of sleep their bites and the anxiety of their presence may cause. Lack of sleep is a major contributor to workplace injuries and car accidents, not to mention it can weaken immune systems and make it more difficult for you to fight off disease.

How To Effectively Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Many who have attempted DIY bed bug control techniques know just how difficult it is to get rid of bed bugs without professional assistance. Not only can they spread far and wide throughout the house, but each female reproduces at a rate of one to seven young per day, making their growth exponential.

If you’re still unsure of how pest control can kill bed bugs better than DIY techniques, give the professionals at EnSec of Florida a call. Your local pest control for bed bugs can get rid of the entire population quickly, saving you time spent beating back waves of bed bugs with improper methods. Trust EnSec of Florida, the best bed bug control company near you, to get rid of bed bugs for good the first time. Call today for a free inspection and learn how pest control can kill bed bugs better than any other method. 

How To Stop Bed Bugs From Coming Back

The best way to ensure bed bugs don’t come back after treatment with EnSec of Florida is to keep a tight watch on your clutter and cleanliness after treatment. To make sure they stay away for good, try these bed bug control techniques for your home:

  • Remove clutter from under the bed
  • Wash pillows, sheets, and comforters often
  • Vacuum and dispose of contents daily

Keeping your home clean should ensure you catch any stragglers. Just in case you don’t, the follow-up appointments from the professionals at EnSec of Florida definitely will.