Why Mice Are So Hard To Get Out Of Mobile Homes

house mouse in cupboard

When you think of mice, you might either imagine a small, adorable creature that you don’t think is dangerous, or you might be disgusted or filled with fear at these tiny rodents. The truth is that the second interpretation of mice is more accurate. While mice aren’t aggressive or looking to hurt humans, they are dangerous because of the many germs and illnesses they can spread.

The common house mouse is one of the most common home-invading pests across the country. They will get into all kinds of dwellings because they are looking for shelter and access to food and water. Because of this, they are accustomed to living near humans. While this relationship might be good for mice, it’s bad for us.

The house mouse is only about four inches long when full-grown, but it can cause many problems when infestations grow out of control. Many people also have questions about how to tell rats and mice apart. Other than size, you can identify mice by their pointed faces and long, thin tails whereas rats have blunter faces and shorter, scaly tails.

What Makes Mice So Dangerous?

While mice aren’t likely to bite you, though they can if they feel threatened, the risks of mice are present whether you ever interact with one or not. Once they get inside your home, mice can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks. In fact, even their fur, droppings, and urine can make you sick and lead to respiratory problems.

Also, mice are known to carry many illnesses including tularemia and salmonellosis. And, if all of this wasn’t bad enough, mice often are hosts for fleas, and the fleas can spread other diseases including bartonellosis and tapeworm.

Because of these many reasons, having a mouse infestation in your Mobile home is quite dangerous to you and anyone else around you.

Why Are Mice So Difficult To Remove?

Along with being dangerous, the house mouse is a difficult species to keep out. This is because they can slip through holes the size of a dime. It’s nearly impossible to remove all entry points that mice can use to get inside. They can fit through holes in the walls or through broken screens.

Then, once inside, it’s even harder to get rid of an infestation. Mice can reproduce so quickly that their numbers will increase exponentially. And, while many people try to use things like traps to get rid of them, these are mostly just band-aid solutions. They will reduce the number of mice you have, but they won’t eradicate the entire infestation.

Other than traps, some homeowners will try to use over-the-counter chemical products or baits to get rid of mice. But, these aren’t usually fully effective either. Plus, they can be risky to use as they could potentially poison pets or young children.

How Can You Remove Mice?

While DIY methods of rodent control rarely work, there is one effective way to both prevent and eliminate mouse infestations. The professionals at EnSec have the experience necessary to handle any mouse infestation, no matter how severe. With over 20 years of experience, you can trust us to handle the job effectively.

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