Why Professional Pest Control Is The Way To Go In Pensacola

Pensacola, FL home

Everyone loves the sub-tropical weather that Florida has to offer all year long, and even though Pensacola is nestled sweetly on the coast of the panhandle, we still get to enjoy nearly year-round toasty comfort. The problem with that, though, is that the 'seasonal' part of seasonal pests becomes more of a guideline than a hard truth. For Florida, Pensacola included, most pests are active throughout the year, making proper pest control for your home more important than ever.

Why Reactionary Pest Control Isn't The Best Method For Your Pensacola Home

Most people don't consider pests a threat until they've invaded, and that can be a dangerous habit to keep. Pests tend to be sneaky and tricky to detect at the beginning of an infestation and, depending on the pest, you and your Pensacola home could be subjected to all kinds of harmful situations before you even know you have a problem:

  • Structural damage
  • Electrical problems
  • Contaminated food
  • Damaged grass and gardens
  • Physically aggressive pests
  • Venomous pests
  • Dangerous and potentially deadly pathogens
  • Allergy and asthma complications
  • Potential for respiratory infections

There's also the possibility of cosmetic damage such as destroyed furniture, wallpaper, books, clothes, linens, and stained walls and fabrics. Dangerous or not, all pests leave their unique mark on a property, and it almost always results in spending extra money for repairs or replacement items. Many things can happen between initial infestation and discovery, so reacting to each one as they arise and trying to exterminate them on your own is often much more expensive than paying for regularly scheduled professional pest control.

How EnSec Of Florida Can Help You Protect Your Pensacola Home From Pests

Regularly scheduled pest control may seem like a waste if you don't have an ongoing infestation in your Pensacola home. Still, it's really more like an investment for keeping your home in top condition and your family healthy and safe. At EnSec of Florida, we don't just focus on current infestations, we also safeguard your home against other potential infestations. Our three-step plan ensures pest-free living for all of our customers:

  1. Inspection: We offer free inspections and peace of mind visits before we ever treat your home. Once your inspection is completed and we've identified any problems (pests, entry points, harborage areas, etc.), you'll receive a free estimate for our services.
  2. Treatment: Each treatment plan is uniquely tailored to each customer's pest problems and budget, so you'll be kept up-to-date on each step of the treatment process. We treat the interior and exterior for current infestations, then provide preventative measures for common property-invading pests.
  3. Follow-Up: This usually depends on the specific pest or pests we're treating for, but follow-up inspections and treatments are included as well. This step ensures your pest problem has been fully eradicated.

Time To Take Your Pest Protection To The Next Level With EnSec Of Florida

If you're tired of struggling with pests each time they rear their ugly heads in your Pensacola home, it might be time to call EnSec of Florida. We use Integrated Pest Management techniques to provide safe, effective, family-friendly pest control, we always use the best quality pest control products available, and every treatment we offer comes with our patented satisfaction guarantee. We know how important the safety of your home and family is to you, and we're capable of providing top-notch pest control services every time we visit. So contact us today to start discussing your options, and stop stressing out over the next bad infestation.