The Fleas Residing In Pensacola Can Be Very Hard To Get Rid Of

flea on skin jumping

Fleas are tiny, wingless insects that feed on blood using specialized mouthparts that allow for piercing the skin’s exterior. Fleas find the hot and humid climate of Florida very accommodating. Many of the treatment options for fleas can also eliminate ticks as well.

What diseases can humans get from fleas? People bitten by fleas may exhibit skin irritation and redness. In many cases, the skin will itch and bite victims should avoid repeatedly scratching at the blemished area, which could open a wound that becomes susceptible to infection. Fleas may also carry murine typhus, tularemia, bubonic plague, and other potentially serious health-related problems.

Local specialists involved in professional pest control In Pensacola have treatment options for safely and efficiently ousting fleas and knowledge regarding the best practices for preventing them from returning.

Types, Facts And How To Identify

Various types of fleas exist in Florida. The cat flea is among the most common types that target humans, dogs, rodents, and many other warm-blooded creatures. Other species found in this region include dog fleas and sticktight fleas.

What do fleas look like up close? Fleas may be challenging to accurately identify with the naked eye based on their minuscule size. Fleas rarely reach 1/16 of an inch, are wingless, and appear as brown or red.

The Lifecycle Of The Common Flea

Female fleas generally place their small, white eggs within the fur or feathers of a host, and commonly they will tumble off on flooring, carpeting, or bedding materials. Often laying more than a dozen eggs in a batch, female fleas can generate hundreds each month. The eggs will typically hatch a few days later and progress through phases as larvae and pupae before adulthood.

The population of adult fleas typically peaks in the late summer and early fall months. Fleas often reside near pets and will sometimes attack a passing human in their leg and ankle areas.

Three Reasons Fleas Are So Hard To Eliminate

Why are many do-it-yourself measures unsuccessful in eradicating fleas? Three of the primary challenges include:

  1. Fleas are strong breeders, meaning that a rather small intrusion might quickly develop into a full-blown infestation.
  2. Many of the common store-bought treatment options will effectively kill adult fleas; however, the many eggs still in development may go unscathed and soon emerge as adults.
  3. The small size of a flea makes them difficult to see, and their flat, durable body style allows them to survive many types of impact.

Homeowners struggling with a substantial flea infestation will likely find that their efforts to eliminate these pests simply result in frustration. Contacting a professional pest exterminator is the best course of action.

Control, Extermination & Prevention Of Fleas

Pet owners must remember to regularly visit a veterinarian who will prescribe a powerful treatment plan for keeping the animal free of fleas and ticks. Regularly vacuuming, washing, and machine drying all pet bedding materials are also very critical.

Are you struggling to determine what is the best way to kill fleas? Property owners should consult with a local pest control company that has demonstrated the capability of expelling these pests in the same manner. The technicians with EnSec of Florida know what to do if you have fleas and various ways of preventing subsequent infestations.    In addition to fleas, the qualified experts with EnSec of Florida have many years of experience in expelling ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, and many other unwanted and potentially dangerous pests found in this region. We have the proper equipment with many of the latest treatment options for safely eliminating pests. Contact our office today to schedule an on-site inspection and get started with our effective home pest control services.