Why You Should Leave Bed Bug Extermination In Mobile To The Pros

Bed bug crawling on skin biting

Bed bugs are invasive and complicated to get rid of, not to mention potentially hazardous to our health. Victims have obtained settlements reaching over half a million dollars. Bed bugs are responsible for anything from painful bites to allergies and even psychological problems and are a nightmare for many homeowners and landlords alike.

If bed bugs have invaded your home, now is the time to learn some bed bug control tips, discover the pros and cons of professional bed bug treatments, understand how pest control can kill bed bugs, and prepare your home for a bed bug treatment. If you struggle with a bed bug infestation, EnSec provides effective pest control in Mobile to help you get rid of these unwanted pests safely and for good.

Bed Bug Control Tips

When it comes to bed bug control, it is crucial that you consult with a pest control company because it is essentially impossible to get rid of a bed bug infestation independently. Here are a few tips you can try to control an infestation:

  • Keep your home decluttered. The more cluttered your home is, the harder it will be to find bed bugs and get rid of them.
  • Keep mattresses sealed in special bed bug covers.
  • Wash and dry bedding at high temperatures regularly to kill bed bugs and their eggs.
  • Do not purchase used mattresses and furniture which might contain bed bugs.
  • Regularly vacuum rugs and carpets. 
  • Hire a professional pest control company for advice tailored to your situation.

Bed bugs are potentially dangerous and notoriously tricky to eliminate. If you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, contact pest control experts as soon as possible.

Pros & Cons Of Professional Bed Bug Treatment

There are several bed bug control techniques for your home, some more effective than others depending on your situation. In general, here is a list of the various pros:

  • Professional bed bug treatment can work quickly, cutting down on the time it would take to get rid of an infestation with other methods.
  • Some treatments can take care of bed bugs at any stage of their life cycle.
  • Heat treatments are fast, effective, and require no chemicals.
  • Chemical treatments are cost-effective and work great, especially when combined with other treatments.
  • Many treatments are easy to set up and take down.

Like with most things, there are also some drawbacks to professional bed bug treatment options:

  • They need to be done by professionals, and if done incorrectly, they could worsen an infestation.
  • Sometimes, multiple treatments are required.
  • Some bed bugs are becoming resistant to chemicals.
  • Some treatments require chemicals and need to be done by professionals for safety reasons.

Professional bed bug treatments are safe and effective when performed correctly. Contact a professional pest control company for treatment options if you are dealing with an infestation.

Preparing For A Bed Bug Treatment

Once you have decided on a method of pest control to kill bed bugs, now is the time to prepare your home. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Move all furniture away from walls to allow the pest control crew to access all hidden areas.
  • Vacuum the entire house, and wash and dry all bedding and curtains at high temperatures.
  • After the treatment, plan to stay out of the house for close to six hours.
  • Declutter your home as much as possible to make it easier for the crew to apply treatments.
  • While they treat your house for bed bugs, do not leave your pets in the house.

It can take a few sessions to get rid of bed bugs completely, and the easier it is to treat a house, the more effective treatments will be.

Looking For A Professional's Help With Bed Bugs?

If you are looking for bed bug control in Mobile, EnSec can provide effective pest control to help you get rid of them permanently. It is nearly impossible to get rid of bed bugs on your own, as they both reproduce very quickly and are hard to exterminate. Some of them are becoming increasingly resistant to chemical treatments as well. If you have been invaded by these dreaded pests, it is essential that you find a reliable company you can rely on for local pest control for bed bugs before your infestation gets out of control.

Bed bugs can disrupt sleep, cause painful bites, take over an entire home fast, and are difficult to exterminate. EnSec, a quality pest control company, can examine your situation and provide treatment options suited to your requirements. From chemical treatments to heat treatments and several other options, we can put an end to your bed bug problem quickly and effectively.