The Secret To Effective Ant Control For Pensacola Properties

close up of a black ant with eggs

Ants may pose no danger to your family. Nevertheless, they can contaminate your food and embarrass you in front of your guests. As they gradually colonize your home, an ant infestation calls for a concerted effort to remove. You may need to call a professional to fully erase them from your home. Because, once you see an ant in your kitchen, their colonies have likely already migrated to your home.

What Attracts Ants To Your Pensacola Property?

Ants do not come to your property with nefarious intent. They don’t plan on stealing and contaminating your food. Ants are usually attracted to a food source, and your kitchen provides just that. A few ants encroach on your kitchen, and eventually, they bring their friends. Before you know it, the whole colony has invaded your kitchen. 

Like many insects, ants are also attracted to the moisture in a home. They may crawl to the bathroom to bathe in the moisture of the sink. Whatever reason they come to your home, they do so as a means of survival. They capitalize on the food and water your home supplies. They, nonetheless, damage your food in the process, leaving signs of their presence.

Signs Of An Ant Infestation On Your Pensacola Property

The most obvious sign of an ant infestation is the presence of ants. To reiterate, the kitchen has a magnetic hold on ants. If ants have infested your home, you’ll likely see them crawling over your countertop. Or, in a more unfortunate circumstance, you may see them in your food. Aside from these more obvious signs, you could see frass (ant feces) in your kitchen or in other parts of your home. Ant mounds just outside your home may constitute signs of an aunt infestation. Moreover, disparate species of ants leave behind disparate signs of their presence. For example, with carpenter ant infestations, you’ll likely see piles of wood shavings around wooden items, or you may hear faint sounds inside wooden items. You should also see burrowing debris resembling brown powder around your home. 

Damage Caused By Ants On Your Property

Ants are mostly innocuous. However, depending on the size of the infestation and the species of ant, ants can harm you and your family. Large ant infestations contaminate your food. Fire ants sting you. Carpenter ants can burrow inside wooden structures, damaging expensive furniture. 

In sum, ants can inflict all sorts of damage to your home. It is incumbent upon you to call the professionals to prevent further damage to your Pensacola property. You can still obstruct the growth of a smaller infestation. But, once the damage has occurred, you should call the professionals to identify and remove the infestation. 

Useful Tips For Ant Prevention

To prevent future infestations or to block the growth of a current infestation, the following prevention tips can be of use:

  • Keep a clean kitchen. Clean up crumbs, and store food in airtight containers. Ants can survive on small granules of food, so you should always clean your kitchen with meticulous attention to detail. 
  • Vacuum regularly. Most people eat in all areas of a home. While the kitchen is the main food source for ants, they can probably find morsels of food in different areas of your home. For this reason, you should frequently vacuum your carpet.
  • Similarly, you should also sweep and mop the tile in your kitchen to deter ants and other pests. 

Call EnSec’s On-Going Assistance

Most OTC sprays are ineffective and potentially dangerous. If you have an ant infestation that has caused significant damage to your home, we encourage you to call us at EnSec.  We have the experience and tools to safely and effectively remove ants from your Pensacola property. Reach out to us today to learn more about our ant control services and recurring pest control plans.